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Procrastinating a necessary windshield replacement can be catastrophic. However the money for vehicle repairs is not always on hand. A windshield replacement is not very costly, and can make a great gift for a loved one with a tight budget. Many people put off a crack or a chip in a windshield longer than they would other vehicle flaws because they do not realize that the windshield is a part of the structural integrity of modern vehicle. A flaw in the structure of the windshield matters. In the extreme weather fluctuation cycles of freezing, warming, raining and then freezing again a small chip can turn into a big problem. We can fix your Minneapolis windshield quickly to insure a safe and secure winter. Now is the time for repairs, before the weather makes the issue worse and replacement is the only option.

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Repair Your Damaged Windshield Before Ice Cracks It!

Avoid the added cost of windshield replacement by having chips in your windshield repaired before the power of cold weather can turn them into cracks. Did you know that most cracks in windshields require that the windshield be replaced? You can avoid that problem by being proactive in taking care of any chips in your windshield. For all of your Minneapolis windshield replacement services contact Only 1 Auto Glass and let one of our Auto Glass Techs come repair or replace your windshield.

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Which Brand Of Windshield Wiper Fluid Is The Best?

All Season is perfect for all year long. It has as boiling temperature of 170ºF and a freezing baseline of -25ºF. The maximum temperatures offer a range that will help most drivers even during cold winters and hot summers. Splash Ultimate is designed to take on even tougher winters. It has a freezing point of -35ºF. The brand was invented to handle tough winters in Minnesota

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Road Kill Can Kill Your Glass

If you have chips in your windshield or rear windshield then get them taken care of before they become cracks. Not all chips or cracks can be fixed. If the chip is too deep or a crack too extensive then the windshield will need to be replaced. Sometimes that is paid for by insurance coverage and sometimes it is not. Only One Auto Glass works with all major insurance carriers. They go out of the way to make the claims process easy and successful. Do not put off repair because you don't want to deal with your insurance company. Only One Auto Glass will deal with them for you.

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Tips to Avoid Vehicle Breakins

It is one thing to drive down the road and hear the crack of a rock as it strikes your windshield. Windshield replacement is part of driving. It happens to us all. It is quite another thing to wake up to find that someone has broken into your car and stolen your stereo. It is even worse when they smash your window to get into your car. That repair is not a normal part of driving and the cost to repair that damage can be a bitter pill to swallow. The following tips are excellent ways never to need that medicine.

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Safe Driving Distances and Auto Glass

Driving too close to the car in front of you can increase the risk of windshield chips, dings and cracks. Rocks, debris and other things can be flung from rear tires. The object’s hardness and your speed will determine how much damage the object can cause to your car. Driving at a safe distance can help you avoid repairing or replacing auto glass.

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Do You Have Auto Glass Coverage?

Auto glass insurance coverage is fairly inexpensive to add to your policy and it pays off when your glass gets damaged. It is estimated that between 13 and 14 million windshields are damaged and need to be replaced each year. The average cost of replacing a windshield is around $350. If you have a specialty car such as a new Corvette with a Heads-Up-Display, the price can jump to $2000. These prices make the small cost of glass coverage seem affordable.

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We Only Send Out the Best Technicians at Only 1 Auto Glass

Only 1 Auto Glass has over 200 years of combined experience in the Auto Glass Industry and we have learned a few things about customer satisfaction. That is why our technicians are the best in the state. We make sure they are NGA and now AGSC certified, and qualified to go out into the field and restore your auto glass in any environment perfectly, every time.

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Only 1 Auto Glass Goes Through an Extensive Checklist for Every Single Window Repair

Our technicians follow this step by step process every time to make sure every single customer receives the same level of quality care. This process greatly reduces the need for full window replacement after repair. If you do end up needing a full replacement, we will credit the cost of the repair against the cost of the replacement. All of our technicians are NGA and AGSC certified and follow many quality control measures so we stand by their work 100%. We can guarantee quality because we only send out the best.

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Corvette Windshield Replacement Is Important

Most of us get into our cars and drive off never giving much of our car more than a casual consideration. We notice things when they are not working. If the stereo went out in your car, you would not only notice it, but also you would likely be inconvenienced and annoyed. How many people drive around with chips and cracks in their windshield? Quite a few people do, which to us is kind of odd.

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