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Windshield Repair Cost

Windshield Repair Cost

Auto Glass Repair Cost

Repairing your windshield is a less expensive alternative to having the entire glass replaced. Not all windshields with damage can be repaired. Deciding factors for repair or replacement include size of the damage, location of the damage, the type of damage, and how long the damage has existed.

There are times that having your windshield replaced instead of repaired will cost you less in the long run. Sometimes insurance companies will opt for repairs instead of a replacement, offering to pay the entire cost and waive the deductible. This might be a good option for you to agree to windshield repair instead of windshield replacement. The decision whether to repair or replace however depends on a few factors and these involve the expert assessment of your damage from a certified auto glass repair and replacement technician at Only 1 Auto Glass.

The extent of the damage, the type of damage to the windshield, and the kind of insurance policy you have are deciding factors when it comes to calculating the cost of repairing your windshield. Some people always opt for windshield repair over windshield replacement due to the replacement costs. You should remember that different kinds of vehicles have different kinds of windshields and different costs. Windshield repair, however, does not take into consideration the kind of vehicle the windshield is on, but rather the damage that needs to be repaired.

Chip damage repair costs often depend on the size of the chip, as well as how many chips can be found on the windshield. Only 1 Auto Glass will give a free estimate of the cost to repair your chip.  Contact us today and speak to an expert.


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