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3 Tips for Reducing Glare on Your Windshield

Excessive windshield glare can put you and your passengers’ safety at risk on the road. Learn simple and effective tips for minimizing sun glare from our auto glass repair experts. 

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Should You Ever Use a Replacement Windshield From a Salvage Yard?

Ever thought about finding a replacement windshield on the cheap from a salvage yard? Click to learn whether getting used auto glass is ever a good idea. 

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How to Handle Auto Glass Repair & Replacement the Right Way

Got a damaged windshield? Be very cautious about who you trust with your auto glass repair or replacement. Click to learn how to protect your safety when choosing a windshield replacement service. 

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How Long Can You Safely Drive With Damaged Auto Glass?

Can you still drive your vehicle safely if you can’t make it to an auto glass repair shop after one of your vehicle windows suffers a crack or chip? Click to find out. 

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3 Tips for Making Your Windshield Replacement Last as Long as Possible

Getting a windshield replacement can be a (pricey) hassle, especially if you’re strapped for time or don’t have insurance coverage for your auto glass. So now that you’ve got a fresh, unblemished piece of glass on your ride, it’s in your best interest to do everything in your power to prevent yourself from needing another new windshield. How do you do that?

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Is Mobile Windshield Repair Safe?

Dealing with a damaged windshield but can’t find the time to make it to an auto glass repair shop? Then you’ve probably looked into getting mobile windshield repairs, either at your home or workplace. But should you really take that route? Will the repair be equal in quality to the same type of repair performed in shop? Is it actually safe to get your windshield repaired in your driveway or a parking lot?

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Get Your Vehicle Ready for Winter: 5 Easily Overlooked Steps

When you drive in Minnesota, prepping your automobile to handle winter weather is an inevitable part of vehicle ownership. And although you probably know you should swap out your summer tires, replace your fluids with winter-specific formulations, and ensure your battery is in good working order, there are a few prep tips that many people tend to overlook.

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6 Signs It’s Time to Visit an Auto Glass Repair Shop

If you’re like most vehicle owners, you don’t worry about your auto glass very often. And if you’re like some vehicle owners, you don’t even worry about your windshield when you can clearly see glaring cracks or chips. But ignoring damaged auto glass could seriously endanger your and your passengers’ safety. To protect yourself and anyone who rides in your vehicle, if head to an auto glass repair shop if you ever notice any of the issues below.

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5 Winter Mistakes That Can Damage Your Auto Glass

Properly caring for your windshield during winter seems pretty straightforward, right? Aside from keeping it clean, swapping out your wipers regularly, and avoiding sharp ice-scraping tools, there’s not much else you need to worry about to avoid windshield repairs, right?

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What Affects Rear Windshield Replacement Cost?

Dealing with a rear windshield that’s damaged beyond repair? Then you’re probably wondering how much a rear windshield replacement is likely to cost you. Unfortunately, that’s a tough question to answer since rear window glass replacement costs depend on a variety of factors and they’re different for every vehicle.

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