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Rear Window Chip Repair

Rear Window Repair St. Paul MN

Rear Window Chip Repair St. Paul, Minnesota

Unlike your front windshield, your rear windshield usually cannot be repaired. Rear windshields use tempered glass, unlike laminated front windshield glass so this changes what can be done. Tempered glass cannot be repaired like you can replace a front windshield. Rear windshields need to be replaced in nearly every case, and here are considerations for the difficulties and expense of rear windshields:

Considerations for Rear Windshield Repair:

New cars are designed to be quiet. They are built to be safe. The first consideration is understanding what is needed to not just replace the rear windshield but to recapture the original integrity of the car. A poor job means increased wind noise, and potentially decreased safety. Only 1 Auto Glass makes it their job to perform work that meets or exceeds factory specifications. We employ only Certified Auto Glass Technicians for repairs and replacement services. The following are a few of the items that must be considered before glass can be repaired.

  • Is there a rear defrost system present? Rear defrost systems drive up the cost of repair and often mean the glass must be replaced.
  • Is there a rear windshield antenna? The thin wires that run between layers of glass are also costly to repair, if they can be repaired.
  • Is the rear windshield made of tempered glass? Tempered glass is not repairable. It shatters and must be replaced.

Consideration For Rear Window Replacement:

Consideration for rear windshield replacement includes the cost of repair and the care of the vehicle following repair. Replacement of glass occurs when the glass cannot be repairded, or the cost of repair is too high. Because of the special way that cars are built these days, special care of your car following a rear windshield replacement is required. Considerations:

  • Adhesive: The adhesive used to replace a rear windshield requires several days to fully bond the glass to the car. Because roof panels and side panels must be removed for the window to be removed and then replaced, it is important not to increase cabin pressure by rolling down windows while driving for 48-72 hours following replacement.

Why Choose Only 1 Auto Glass:

We are professionals with certified auto glass technicians. We are experienced in new car design philosophies and methodology. We have the tools and equipment to do the job right the first time. We build our business through honest transactions with each client.

  • We are recognized by the Better Business Bureau as an Accredited Business.
  • We are registered with the Auto Glass Safety Council and the National Glass Association.

Only 1 Auto Glass will repair or replace your rear windshield using quality glass that meets or exceeds manufactures requirements, or we will use OEM parts. We will professionally install new glass and put your car back together to factory specifications. We will polish the new glass, make sure the trim is professionally installed and cleanup - vacuum up glass. The result is factory grade window replacement.

Contact Us if you would like an estimate on rear windshield replacement. We serve Minneapolis and the St. Paul - Twin Cities communities.


If you have any questions regarding our vehicle’s repair needs? Would you like a free estimate? Please don’t hesitate to call us today at 651.789.1111 or Email Us and we will be happy to assist you.

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