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Discovering your Back Glass is broken or damaged is an inconvenience that requires action. Some chipped or cracked Back Glass will require replacing and cannot be repaired effectively. When you find yourself with a broken Back Glass, you should contact your nearest Only 1 Auto Glass shop.

Common reasons for damage include theft, accidents and human error. Someone may have tried to break into your vehicle by breaking your Back Glass. Car accidents are the most common reason for damaged Back Glass. Human error can include a number of factors that result in a broken Back Glass.

Driving around with a broken window is unsafe and could impair your vision. This is why getting a Back Glass replacement as soon as possible is important. Replacing your window will increase your safety and also make your car look nice again.

The cost of replacing a Back Glass largely depends on the make, model, and age of your car. Your fist step should be contacting your insurer if your auto glass is covered. You should then contact Only 1 Auto Glass for a quote.You can then determine on whether or not you will want to use your insurance to cover the cost or you will be better off paying the entire cost yourself.

Window replacements cost less than windshield replacements. Many people pay for the window replacement and avoid any chance of increasing their rates. Many insurance plans will have a deductible that is more than the cost to replace a Back Glass. Reviewing your policy and speaking with Only 1 Auto Glass is will help you determine your best course of action..

To find out more about Back Glass replacement or repair options, and whether or not you should have your Back Glass replaced or repaired, do not hesitate to call us. We will be glad to help you with your auto glass replacement and repair needs. We will also be able to help you assess your vehicle’s auto glass requirements and to give you expert advice on your vehicle’s Back Glass, windshield, and side window repair needs. We can also offer you expert advice regarding the replacement of old Back Glass that are no longer in the kind of condition these should be in for the safety of your vehicle.

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