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Side Window Replacement St. Paul Minnesota

Damage to your door windows will often require replacement.  Repairs can be performed on minor window chips, cracks, and dings.  Most damage to side windows is too large or severe to repair and must be replaced.

There are many reasons why windows can break.  Some incidents are accidental while others were intended by unethical individuals.  You might find your side window broken as a result of someone breaking into your car. This kind of damage usually results in your side windows totally broken, which leaves you with no choice but to have it replaced. The cost of replacing your windows may be covered by your insurance.

If you find that your window has minor damage to it, like chips and cracks, you can actually opt for repair instead of side window replacement. You should first contact Only 1 Auto Glass and have an expert assess the damage.  Some damaged windows end up structurally weak and you may be better off having it replaced. The trained professionals at Only 1 Auto Glass can discern upon close inspection just how severe the damage is and whether or not repairing is better than replacing for such a window.

While windows may be somewhat cheaper in cost when compared with windshield replacement, some windows are more expensive than others. The cost might be covered by your insurance, however some people may tell you it is better if you just pay for this out of pocket since the amount is rather manageable. The cost however will depend on the model and make of your vehicle. You should get an estimate first before deciding on whether you will pay out of pocket or contact your insurance provider.

When you decide to have your side windows replaced with the help of your insurance, you should be aware that the entire amount may not be covered. You should plan on paying your deductible amount. The amount that your insurance will cover often depends on the total amount for the side window replacement job and the deductible you have to pay. Knowing whether or not to pay for this yourself, or to have your insurance cover it is also ideal since having your insurance pay for your every scrape can increase your premiums.

For more information on side window replacement options, and to ask for an assessment or an estimate for your window replacement and repair needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will be glad to help you with your auto glass repair and replacement needs.

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