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Windshield Replacement Cost

Windshield Replacement Cost

Windshield Replacement Cost

“What will that cost?” This is the most common question asked when someone discovers their windshield needs replacing. This is a natural reaction to windshield replacement since this is indeed somewhat costly due to the price of the glass and proper installation. How much can you expect to pay when you need to have your car’s windshield replaced?

Your best action is to contact Only 1 Auto Glass and receive your options from a certified technician. You might be encouraged to repair your windshield if the damage is not as severe as you thought it was. If the damage is beyond repair however, then windshield replacement is your only solution.

There are a few factors that determine the replacement cost. The largest cost factor is the make of your vehicle.  The model of car might have costly features that other car companies do not have. Most luxury vehicles have windshields that are rather costly and this is because of all the additional features that come with it, like sensors, heating elements and a heads-up display (HUD). These expensive features increase the cost of your windshield replacement by a sizable amount, so it is a good thing if your insurance policy covers your auto glass.

Windshield Replacement

Another thing you need to consider before having your windshield replaced is whether or not this kind of work on your vehicle is covered by your insurance policy. If you do have glass coverage, you should check how much you need to pay in deductibles, and how much your insurance will cover. If your insurance does not cover this kind of work, then you should call and ask Only 1 Auto Glass for a quote so you can prepare for the cost yourself.

Just keep in mind, different kinds of windshield repair jobs can come at different costs and this is due to the many circumstances and factors that need to be considered. In order for you to get an accurate cost for your vehicle’s windshield replacement needs, you should get in touch with Only 1 Auto Glass for a free estimate.

Contact Only 1 Auto Glass if you have any questions regarding windshield replacement.


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