Can that small rock chip in your windshield put you and your passengers’ safety at risk? Though most drivers wouldn’t assume minor auto glass damage could compromise their well-being, the bottom line is: it absolutely can. Continuing to drive while your windshield or windows contain minor chips or cracks is a hazardous endeavor, and it's one you should never undertake. Why not? Our Only 1 Auto Glass team has the details below.


Minor Auto Glass Damage Obstructs Your Line of Sight

Windshield chips and cracks aren’t the only forms of auto glass damage that can impede your vision while driving. Your vehicle’s side windows, mirrors, and rear windshield also provide critical lines of sight while you’re on the road. But if they’re damaged, they can compromise your ability to quickly see and react while operating your vehicle. How?


●        Damaged side windows limit your ability to safely switch lanes, proceed through crosswalks, and turn safely through intersections.

●        Rear windshield damage impedes your ability to see and react to vehicles approaching the rear of your automobile.

●        Side mirror damage compromises your ability to see vehicles within your blind spots.


Anything that interferes with your unobstructed view of the road to the front, sides, and rear of your vehicle is a hazard to you, your passengers, and every driver and pedestrian around you. To avoid a tragic accident, seek out prompt auto glass repair any time you observe even minor chips or cracks in your vehicle windows.


Damaged Glass Compromises Structural Integrity

Did you know your windshield is designed to provide structural reinforcement for your vehicle? It’s true — in the event a collision (rollovers especially), your windshield helps prevent the roof of your vehicle from collapsing.


However, if your windshield features any form of damage, those chips and cracks create weak points in the glass. Under duress, those weak points will inevitably give way, potentially resulting in impact transfer to you and any passengers you may have. Obviously, the more impact you and your passengers absorb, the greater the potential for serious injury or fatalities.


Proper Airbag Deployment Depends on a Fully Intact Windshield

Your vehicle’s windshield is designed to function as a stop mechanism during airbag deployment. Unfortunately, though, even minor windshield chips and cracks can compromise the design functionality of the glass. How so?


When an airbag deploys, it generates a substantial amount of force. Your windshield glass — when it’s fully intact — is strong enough to withstand that force and contain the airbag within the vehicle. However, as mentioned, chips and cracks create weak points in your windshield, which are likely to explode outward under force, creating a gaping hole.


When the airbag deploys, instead of remaining contained within the vehicle and providing a cushion against impact, the bag will instead travel outward through the newly created hole in the windshield. Not only will such an occurrence render your windshield irreparable (you’ll have to pay for a far more expensive windshield replacement), but it could also result in serious bodily injury. The best way to avoid such a situation is to seek out professional windshield repair any time you notice chips or cracks in the glass.


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