If you have unsightly scratches in your windshield or side windows, you’ve probably wondered whether repairing the damage is possible. After all, replacing a sheet of glass to remedy a few minor scratches seems a bit overkill, right? At Only 1 Auto Glass, we’re here to tell you that glass scratches are usually repairable, depending on their severity, of course. Below, we’ve outlined how professional scratch repair works, as well as why it’s never a good idea to attempt the auto glass repair process on your own.


Scratched Auto Glass Repair: How It Works

When you visit an auto glass repair specialist to remedy scratches in your windshield or side windows, the first thing the pros will do is determine the depth of each scratch. If the scratches are superficial (meaning your fingernail cannot become caught in the groove), a simple buffing will typically resolve the problem. If the scratches are deeper though, and your fingernail easily gets caught in the indentation, those scratches will need to be filled in and then buffed and polished to restore the window.


For superficial scratches, an auto glass repair technician will first clean the scratched areas to remove any debris particles within each scratch. Next, the technician will use a fine-grit, metal buffing compound or tool to gently remove the layer of glass that contains the scratch. This process does not harm the glass; it simply restores the original smoothness and sheen.


For deeper scratches, auto glass repair is possible; however, rather than a simple buffing and polishing, a specialist will first inject a resin compound into the scratch to fill the void. The technician will then polish the glass to create a smooth, flawless finish.


Why You Shouldn’t Attempt DIY Scratched Auto Glass Repair

Though the process of repairing scratched auto glass is rather simple, it’s not something an untrained person should attempt. Why not? Because DIY repair materials are not as high quality or lasting as professional materials, and if you make a mistake, you’ll end up paying for professional repairs anyway. This is especially true for deeper scratches that require filling in: unless you want your repair to be glaringly obvious, professional buffing is necessary. Without the appropriate buffing compound or tools, achieving a smooth, flawless finish is highly unlikely.


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