Summer is finally here in the Twin Cities! And that means sunny skies, warm breezes, and — auto glass damage? Though many vehicle owners don’t necessarily associate warm weather with windshield damage, the two are often related. Fortunately, though, there are a number of ways you can protect and maintain your auto glass throughout summer to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Our Only 1 Auto Glass team has the details below.


Be Careful Where You Park

During summer, everyone is out and about enjoying the warmer weather — kids frolic in parks, baseball fields are full of activity, and streets are lined with basketball hoops just waiting for a game of pickup. So what does all this mean for your vehicle? Unfortunately, it often means a cracked windshield or windows — unless you’re careful about where you park.


Flying balls and rogue children’s toys are notorious for causing curbside auto glass damage, so if you can avoid parking on the curb, do it. You should also be careful where you park your vehicle near playgrounds and ball fields, since these areas are full of potential auto glass hazards. Repeatedly parking in direct sunlight can weaken auto glass as well. To avoid a visit to the auto glass shop, do your best to park in at least partial shade during the hottest hours of the day.


Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

You wouldn’t think cranking your air conditioner up to the highest setting could damage your auto glass, would you? Well, think again. Sudden, drastic temperature changes inside your vehicle’s cabin can negatively affect your windshield, weakening even fully intact glass over time.


If your windshield has existing cracks, those cracks can quickly spread when the glass is exposed to extreme temperature changes. Much like dropping an ice cube into a cup of warm water causes the ice to crack, cranking up the A/C as soon as you enter your sweltering vehicle can cause a similar reaction.


To avoid unintentional damage, always start your vehicle’s air conditioner on low and allow the vehicle to cool slowly before adjusting the control to the highest setting. Though it might be tempting to turn up the A/C as soon as you enter the vehicle, doing so could prove to be an expensive mistake.


If your windshield currently contains minor cracks, visit an auto glass repair specialist at your earliest convenience. Even minor damage can quickly spread under direct sunlight, and if you ignore the issue, a complete windshield replacement is almost inevitable.


Repair Auto Glass Damage Promptly

If your windshield or windows suffer any form of damage — even if it’s just a small rock chip — be sure to have the damage repaired immediately. Small chips and cracks can quickly spread, especially in high heat. And if they grow large enough, they become irreparable. The best way to avoid more expensive auto glass replacements is to seek out prompt, professional repairs any time you notice even minor imperfections in your auto glass.


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