Frustrated by a side window that won’t close all the way? Not to worry — at Only 1 Auto Glass, we’ve got a solution. Though there are several reasons your window may not function properly, there are a few common culprits we typically see. To help you identify the issue before you schedule your auto glass repair, below, we’ve outlined four of the most common causes behind non-functional side windows.


Damaged Weather Stripping Around the Window

The weatherstripping around your vehicle windows is designed to prevent water and debris from entering your vehicle. However, when that weather stripping sustains damage or deteriorates over time, it can also prevent your windows from closing properly. In more severe cases, damaged weather stripping can also prevent your vehicle doors from closing completely, which can allow water and debris to accumulate inside your vehicle.


To avoid water damage or wiring damage to electric window apparatuses, be sure to have damaged weather stripping repaired as quickly as possible. An auto glass repair specialist can identify where the damage exists and install new weatherstripping to bring the window back to proper functionality.


The Auto Glass Slid Off Track

All vehicle windows that open vertically sit within a designated track, which guides the glass along the appropriate vertical path. When the glass moves outside of its designated track, it can no longer follow the designated up-and-down path when you attempt to open and close the window.


Usually, an off-track window results from a faulty cable within the door, which means the entire door panel must be removed to repair the problem. Since door panel removal should only be performed by a qualified professional, you’ll need to take your vehicle to an auto glass repair specialist who can properly diagnose and remedy the issue.


Damaged Window Motor or Manual Crank

If your vehicle window is electric and fails to close or open completely, a faulty motor may be the culprit. If your vehicle has hand-cranked windows, a stripped gear could be the reason for the problem. Both of these issues require the expertise of a trained auto glass repair specialist because the door panel must be removed and new parts must be installed.


Damaged Fuse

If just one of your vehicle windows won’t operate properly, the issue is most likely due to a faulty component within the door that houses the window. If, however, all of your windows fail to function properly, the problem may stem from a faulty fuse or relay that must be inspected or replaced. This issue is most prevalent in newer vehicles that feature specialized computer modules that monitor window revolutions. As such, if you own an older vehicle, a damaged fuse probably won’t apply to your situation.


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