For many vehicle owners, tinted windows are non-negotiable — but what happens to that tint if the glass suffers damage? Does it have to be replaced? Can the affected window be repaired while keeping the tint intact? At Only 1 Auto Glass, we get plenty of questions about repairing minor damage to tinted auto glass, and we’d like to help clear up some confusion. Below, we’ve outlined how the auto glass repair process works for tinted windows and what kind of results you can expect.


What Happens to Window Tint on Damaged Auto Glass?

If you have a tinted window with a small rock chip or crack, it’s important to have the damage repaired as soon as possible. Though minor window damage doesn’t necessarily present a major risk to your safety, it can create a visually unappealing issue on tinted glass.


Without prompt attention, the tint surrounding the damaged area can begin to loosen and peel away from the glass. If you allow the problem to persist, eventually, you’ll need to replace the tint on the entire window. If you’re looking to avoid an unnecessary expense, prompt auto glass repair is essential.


Auto Glass Repair Process for Tinted Windows

Generally speaking, minor glass damage can be repaired on tinted windows, but the depth, size, and location of the damage ultimately determine whether repairs are possible. The repair process for tinted windows is almost identical to that for non-tinted windows, with just a couple of additional steps. Here’s how it works:


●        A technician gently removes the tint surrounding the damaged area of the window.

●        The damaged area is thoroughly cleaned to ensure no debris remains in the crevice.

●        The technician injects a liquid resin filler into the chip or crack to seal the damaged area.

●        After the resin sets and dries completely, the technician will reapply new tinting film to the area.


Because tint can be tricky to apply, we highly recommend avoiding DIY auto glass repair. To achieve the best results, look for an auto glass repair specialist who has experience dealing with tinted auto glass. Keep in mind, though, that repair costs for tinted windows may be more expensive than those for non-tinted auto glass due to the additional work involved.


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