DIY windshield repair kits are largely intended as a temporary solution for drivers with cracked or otherwise damaged windshields. These kits are meant to bond the cracks within the windshield, thereby preventing further spreading. Some DIY repair kits are even intended to minimize the appearance of cracks or chips. Regardless, they can also be potentially dangerous. 

DIY Repair Kits Can Be Used Incorrectly

DIY repair kits are generally installed by those who are not familiar with vehicle repairs. As a material that is designed to bond surfaces and create welds, it can potentially damage the windshield even more than it already is. If too much epoxy is applied or the epoxy drips, the windshield could potentially go from being easy to repair to impossible to repair. In a best case scenario, an incorrectly installed repair kit may simply be ineffective.

DIY Repair Kits Can Obscure Visibility

A DIY repair kit usually isn't perfectly clear. In fact, if a DIY repair kit dries incorrectly, it can create a thick line through the glass. Most cracks that are through a windshield are already through the driver's side vision. By further obscuring it, the vehicle can become difficult to drive. If the glass is misaligned in any way, it could even potentially misrepresent the distance that other vehicles are at. 

DIY Repair Kits Will Not Prevent Further Cracking

Repair kits are not intended to be used as a permanent fix. Because of this, they also aren't overly durable. A DIY repair kit could ultimately lead to a windshield cracking at an inopportune time -- and that could be very dangerous. The higher speeds a vehicle is driven at, the more likely it is that the windshield will break. When the windshield does break, it may become irreparable.

DIY Repair Kits Eventually Need Replacement

Perhaps the most compelling reason to avoid a DIY repair kit, however, is the fact that the windshield will need to be replaced or repaired correctly eventually. Thus, the DIY repair kit itself is simply an additional expense. Though it may delay the repair for a few days, the repair will eventually need to be done. Because of this, it's usually easier for the job to be done the right way the first time.

Most small cracks and chips can be easily fixed by an auto glass repair specialist. When properly prepared, the windshield will usually look just like new -- and will last a long time to come. Only 1 Auto Glass can give you a consultation on the best way to fix your windshield, in addition to a quote.