There are several types of chips and cracks that require auto glass repair or auto glass replacement. living in the Minneapolis, St Paul, Twin Cities area you’re probably no stranger to rock chip repair especially if you drive on the highways, rocks and other debris seem to always be flying through the air. With that said you have probably made at least one trip to a Auto Glass MN repair shop or even had to have an auto glass installer come to you.

These type of windshield chips or cracks is caused by the impact of where something hits your windshield. Most chips and cracks are caused by rocks, airborne debris or debris from a storm such as hail or a tree branch that hits the windshield hard on in a weak spot.

For example, a rock chip can be located anywhere on your car’s windshield (wherever the rock makes contact with the windshield.) While a floater crack starts at least 2 inches from the edge of your car’s windshield.
A rock chip usually does not spread as where a floater crack can be small on impact and over time spread in any direction becoming much larger. Generally, windshield chips and cracks that are less than six inches in size can be repaired. Chips and cracks that are longer than six inches or that start or spread to your car’s windshield edge will usually require a windshield replacement instead of a simple windshield repair.

Most Common Windshield Chips and Cracks:
Chip – (Also commonly known as a rock chip) Damage to glass caused by a rock (or other airborne object) that causes a small piece of glass to break off the car’s windshield.
Pit – A pit is very similar to a rock chip, but usually it is smaller.
Bull’s Eye – Circular damage to your car’s windshield caused by a round object usually a rock. It is basically a large round rock chip.
Combination Break – This occurs when your car’s windshield has several different types of breaks, such as chips and cracks. If the chips and cracks are small enough you may be able to have an auto glass repair done.
Edge Crack – This type of crack starts within 2 inches of your car’s windshield or extends to the edge of the windshield depending on where the point of impact is located. An edge crack measures 10 to 12 inches and usually requires auto glass replacement.
Floater Crack – This type of crack starts in the center of the car’s windshield.
Half Moon – (Also known as a partial bulls-eye) the damage to the windshield is usually caused by a rock (or similar airborne object) it is similar to a bull’s eye, but not completely round.
Long Crack – A crack that is larger than 6 inches long that almost always requires a windshield replacement.
Star Break – A series of small radial cracks that stem from the point of impact, they resemble a star.
Stress Crack - A crack that happens without anything hitting the car’s windshield, usually it happens due to a large difference in the change of temperature from hot to cold or cold to hot.

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