Is your teenager getting ready to learn how to drive? While drivers ed accomplishes the task of teaching road rules and safe driving techniques, it doesn’t offer a great deal of information regarding vehicle maintenance. At Only 1 Auto Glass, we frequently perform auto glass repairs on vehicles operated by new drivers. One thing we’ve noticed is that many of those repairs could have been prevented with proper auto glass safety education. So, to help you educate your teen driver, below, we’re breaking down a few basic auto glass rules that can help keep those vehicle windows intact.


Say No to Tailgating

Though your teen driver will inevitably learn about the dangers of tailgating in drivers ed, it never hurts to reiterate. Tailgating doesn’t just put your teen at an increased risk for a rear-end collision; it also puts his or her windshield at risk for damage, even in the absence of an auto accident.


Because vehicle tires can easily pick up road debris and propel it backward, tailgating often results in windshield chips and cracks. In rare cases, heavy pieces of road debris can even penetrate the windshield of a closely following vehicle, causing serious bodily injury and major collisions. To help keep your teen safe (and to avoid unnecessary auto glass repairs) educate your teen driver on the critical importance of adhering to the three-second rule while driving.


Avoid Slamming Vehicle Doors

Forcefully closing vehicle doors can cause misalignments between the window tracks and the glass, which will prevent the windows from opening and closing properly. Too, slamming doors — if done with considerable force — can even cause the glass to shatter! If you’re not thrilled by the idea of paying for side window repair or replacement, educate your teen on the importance of closing vehicle doors gently.


Slow & Steady Wins the Race

It’s okay to follow the speed limit there turbo! In all seriousness, though, a great deal of the preventable auto glass damage we see is due to speeding or reckless driving. Unfortunately, when new drivers are excited about getting behind the wheel, they tend to drive far faster (and with less attention) than they should.


Ultimately, these driving habits usually end in some type of collision, which causes a cracked or shattered window. More importantly, though, such driving habits don’t just threaten your teen’s auto glass; they also endanger his or her safety! Before your teen ever gets behind the wheel, have a serious discussion about the importance of adhering to posted speed limits and avoiding distractions while driving.


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