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5 Tips for Protecting Your Windshield In Minnesota Weather

During the winter, your car has to suffer through the cold weather and various weather elements. Your windshield is one of the most exposed components of your car. You need to make sure your windshield is safe and sound throughout the winter here in Minnesota. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your windshield safe from harsh weather extremes:

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Cover Your Vehicle To Minimize Damage And Get Insurance To Pay Up

Auto insurance can become quite expensive if you don't take care to lower the rates whenever you can. You should always get all possible discounts, avoid coverage lapses and keep your vehicle protected. The latter is something that many people here in Minnesota and across the country tend to forget about.

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Understanding The Damage Cold Weather Can Do To A Cracked Windshield

Your windshield is supposed to be there to help protect you, as it adds to the structural integrity of your car as a whole. In fact, 30 percent of the structural strength of your vehicle is provided by your windshield. Your windshield helps to ensure your airbag deploys correctly, protects you from ejection in an accident, helps to stabilize the roof in roll-over crashes and much more.

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We Come To You When You Give The Gift Of A New Windshield

Procrastinating a necessary windshield replacement can be catastrophic. However the money for vehicle repairs is not always on hand. A windshield replacement is not very costly, and can make a great gift for a loved one with a tight budget. Many people put off a crack or a chip in a windshield longer than they would other vehicle flaws because they do not realize that the windshield is a part of the structural integrity of modern vehicle. A flaw in the structure of the windshield matters. In the extreme weather fluctuation cycles of freezing, warming, raining and then freezing again a small chip can turn into a big problem. We can fix your Minneapolis windshield quickly to insure a safe and secure winter. Now is the time for repairs, before the weather makes the issue worse and replacement is the only option.

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Which Brand Of Windshield Wiper Fluid Is The Best?

All Season is perfect for all year long. It has as boiling temperature of 170ºF and a freezing baseline of -25ºF. The maximum temperatures offer a range that will help most drivers even during cold winters and hot summers. Splash Ultimate is designed to take on even tougher winters. It has a freezing point of -35ºF. The brand was invented to handle tough winters in Minnesota

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Road Kill Can Kill Your Glass

If you have chips in your windshield or rear windshield then get them taken care of before they become cracks. Not all chips or cracks can be fixed. If the chip is too deep or a crack too extensive then the windshield will need to be replaced. Sometimes that is paid for by insurance coverage and sometimes it is not. Only One Auto Glass works with all major insurance carriers. They go out of the way to make the claims process easy and successful. Do not put off repair because you don't want to deal with your insurance company. Only One Auto Glass will deal with them for you.

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