Procrastinating a necessary windshield replacement can be catastrophic. However the money for vehicle repairs is not always on hand. A windshield replacement is not very costly, and can make a great gift for a loved one with a tight budget. Many people put off a crack or a chip in a windshield longer than they would other vehicle flaws because they do not realize that the windshield is a part of the structural integrity of modern vehicle. A flaw in the structure of the windshield matters. In the extreme weather fluctuation cycles of freezing, warming, raining and then freezing again a small chip can turn into a big problem. We can fix your Minneapolis windshield quickly to insure a safe and secure winter. Now is the time for repairs, before the weather makes the issue worse and replacement is the only option.

Dangers of Putting off Auto Glass Replacement

A small crack is unsightly and embarrassing on a vehicle, this reason alone make replacing auto glass an ideal gift for an image minded teenager. However the benefits of windshield repair or full glass replacement are much greater than simply improving the appearance of the car. A small crack can quickly turn into a huge crack or a shattered windshield in the St Paul weather extremes. This happens because a small crack is a flaw in the surface of the glass, water will find a way into this flaw and can freeze and expand causing a small problem to turn huge fast. A weakened windshield caused by a growing crack can quickly turn into an emergency on the road caused by shattered glass. Windshields are designed to handle weather extremes, however a crack can weaken the entire piece of glass. We are a trusted employee owned Minneapolis auto glass repair company with 15 metro locations and competitive prices. Do not risk putting off a repair that we can do quickly and efficiently.

Damaged Windshield


We Make it Easy for You

A windshield replacement or repair can seem like a complicated expensive project. However, our professionals are all highly trained and can change a windshield or repair a chip in much less time than you may expect. The best part is, we will come to your chosen location and do all the repairs or replacements needed while you continue your daily routine. This gift can be given while your college student comes home to do his laundry, or while you meet for lunch and shopping at a plaza. We also offer gift certificates so they can choose the location or come to us. This unconventional gift is a win-win for both parties because you can have piece of mind that the recipient is safe and sound, and their car will look much improved.

Do not let a tight student budget, or the extreme weather fluctuations in Minneapolis turn a small chip or crack into a shattered windshield on your loved one's vehicle. Give them the gift of safety and beauty from Only 1 Auto Glass. We also do side and rear window replacement and repairs on the spot, our experienced and highly trained crew will make it seem like magic because of how quickly and efficiently they work to restore vehicle glass back to new.

Contact us at Only 1 Auto Glass to discuss gift certificates or schedule a time and location for us to repair or replace a windshield at your convenience. We are the best St Paul auto glass repair company with a combined 200 years of experience. Call us today for a free estimate. We are available 24/7