The Purple Stuff:

The Purple Stuff - Manufactured by Splash comes in two varieties. Splash All Season is perfect for all year long. It has as boiling temperature of 170ºF and a freezing baseline of -25ºF. The maximum temperatures offer a range that will help most drivers even during cold winters and hot summers. Splash Ultimate is designed to take on even tougher winters. It has a freezing point of -35ºF. The brand was invented to handle tough winters in Minnesota. Other properties include streak free drying, tough grime action, and superior de-icer. Made in the USA too.


Rain-X - The orange Stuff

Rain-X is orange in color and is manufactured by Rain X. It is available in three varieties. The Rain-X All Season is good for most of spring, summer and fall. It has a freezing point of 0ºF that is good for most times in spring and fall. It is designed to remove bugs and grime quickly and to provide superior visibility during rainy weather. The streak-free formula even helps to remove light snow and frost. Good for rain as it is like Rain-X and also a step over the blue stuff in grime removal. Rain-X 2-in-1 is an improvement over the Rain-X All-Season in that it has a freezing point to -25ºF. Rain-X De-Icer is made for winter. It also has a freezing point of -25ºF. This is a product that works hard to melt and remove frost, ice and snow as you drive. It includes that same Rain-X windshield technology that has made Rain-X famous.

Rain X Orange

The Blue Stuff

The Blue Stuff - There are a number of blue colored windshield washer brands out there. The blue stuff has always been associated with being the cheaper alternative to just using water. However, some of the brands are more sophisticated while others remain basic. Valuecraft, which is sold through AutoZone offers a variety of products that include the basic blue stuff and a winter version that has a freezing temperature of -20º F. What the blue stuff lacks is the powerful cleaning agent that are found in the Rain-X and Splash products- the orange and purple products. Basic, good for summer but can freeze in the winter.

Value Craft Blue


In terms of price, the blue stuff is usually the cheapest around and offers basic cleaning service. Rain-X is usually the most expensive, but offers streak free water beading technology that helps improve your visibility. The purple stuff is usually more expensive than the blue stuff is and less expensive than Rain-X. It offers a higher standard that matches Rain-X for some qualities, but not for water beading technology. Windshield washer fluid was designed to enable drivers to see better under adverse driving conditions. However, even the best or most expensive windshield washer fluid will not remove chips or cracks from windshields. Chips and cracks decrease the visibility of drivers. Having windshield chips repaired is a good way to avoid windshield replacement. Only One Auto Glass is an auto glass replacement specialist who focuses on customer satisfaction.

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