Does your windshield have a minor crack or chip that needs to be repaired? Are you apprehensive about getting the work done because you’ve heard some off-putting information about windshield repair services? If so, our team at Only 1 Auto Glass is here to help clear things up.


In this blog, we’re covering some of the most widespread myths about windshield repairs and separating the real facts from the fiction. Check it out, so you know what to expect when you’re ready to schedule your auto glass repairs.

1. Windshield Repairs Aren’t Really Necessary for Minor Chips & Cracks

Do you want to get a citation for driving around with a damaged windshield? Because in Minnesota, it’s illegal to drive with chips or cracks in your auto glass. And even if it were totally fine to operate your vehicle with damaged auto glass in our great state, the idea that minor chips and cracks don’t necessitate repair is still totally false.


The truth? Even a minor chip or crack can easily (and quickly) grow larger. Outdoor temperature fluctuations, driving over speed bumps, and other weather conditions can easily prompt glass damage to grow worse, and that can happen in a matter of seconds in a worst-case scenario.


If you don’t want to deal with getting a complete windshield replacement, it’s imperative that you have minor auto glass damage repaired as promptly as possible.


If you’re traveling and your windshield suddenly suffers a chip or crack, check out how to prevent the damage from spreading until you can get it repaired.

2. Getting Windshield Repairs Will Raise Your Insurance Premiums

Generally speaking, getting a few minor auto glass repairs will not affect your insurance rates in the slightest. Why not?


Because first of all, you probably won’t be filing an insurance claim for auto glass repairs. Minor windshield repairs are inexpensive — generally less than $100 — so unless you have a $0 deductible, filing a claim simply doesn’t make sense.


Secondly, if auto insurance companies were to raise premiums for every small claim, they’d lose a ton of business, and they know that. To keep their customers, insurers typically don’t raise premiums appreciably unless a driver files multiple claims over a relatively short period or files a claim that results in a payout of several thousand dollars.

3. Windshield Repairs Are a Time-Consuming Inconvenience

If you’re apprehensive about scheduling windshield repair service because you think it’ll take the whole day, we’ve got great news for you: Windshield repairs don’t have to be inconvenient! And they certainly don’t need to take away your entire day.


However, that’s not necessarily true across the board. The validity of that statement really depends on the auto glass repair company you choose to work with.


At Only 1 Auto Glass, we’ve made it our mission to make auto glass repair and replacement services as quick, convenient, and high-quality as possible. That’s why we have multiple shop locations throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro and offer convenient mobile service as well.


To give our customers additional peace of mind, we also staff several installers certified by the National Glass Association, so you can trust in their experience, skill level, and quality of work.


If you can’t make it to one of our many locations, simply schedule a mobile repair, and we’ll come straight to you, wherever your vehicle happens to be. Whether that’s at home, work, or somewhere else entirely, just let us know where to find your ride, and that’s where we’ll perform the work.

4. All Auto Glass Repair Companies Are Essentially the Same

Not true at all. In reality, you’ll run across three types of auto glass repair businesses:


  1. Auto glass companies that provide high-quality work complete with warranties.
  2. Auto glass repair shops that deliver sub-par work and will soon go out of business.
  3. Auto glass repair “professionals” who approach you in a parking lot and tell you your windshield needs repairs even if it really doesn’t. These “pros” are scammers who should be avoided at all costs.


If you want to ensure you’re getting service from a reputable company that delivers solid work, do your research before you decide to swipe your card.


Look for positive customer reviews, ask about workmanship warranties, and inquire about installer training, certifications, and other credentials. Don’t trust your auto glass repairs to just anyone — if you do, you could be putting your safety at risk.

5. Only Collisions & Large Rocks Can Seriously Damage Windshields

While auto accidents and big, heavy rocks can certainly inflict some serious damage on your windshield, they’re not the only things that can leave behind significant chips and/or cracks.


With enough velocity, flying pebbles can easily damage your windshield, as can sand, road debris, birds, and even extreme temperatures (here’s how temperature can affect your auto glass).

6. DIY Auto Glass Repair Kits Provide High-Quality Repairs

The packaging for do-it-yourself auto glass repair kits might make you think it’s easy to repair your own windshield, but in reality, windshield repairs aren’t easy. And if you opt to use a DIY repair kit rather than have your windshield professionally repaired (or replaced if it has extensive damage), you’ll likely end up disappointed.


Worse, you could put your safety at risk by performing this type of repair and, potentially, void any warranty your vehicle has for auto glass repair or replacement. You might even make the existing damage worse if you don’t know what you’re doing, and if that happens, you’ll need to pay for a more expensive replacement rather than an affordable professional repair.


Bottom line? Avoid using DIY auto glass repair kits unless you really have no other option. Professional chip and crack repairs don’t cost much, and in the long run, they’ll last a lot longer and keep you safer on the road.

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