There seems to be a do-it-yourself option for everything these days. But that doesn’t mean taking the DIY route is always the best or safest option. This is especially true when it comes to repairing your own auto glass, but widespread access to do-it-yourself repair kits encourages many vehicle owners to think otherwise.


At Only 1 Auto Glass, we deeply understand the importance of quality auto glass repair, both for the integrity of your vehicle and you and your passengers’ safety. And after decades of experience in the industry, we can confidently say: DIY auto glass repair kits are almost always a complete waste of cash. Curious why? We explain why at-home glass repairs are a risky bet below.


You Get What You Pay For: Low Cost Equals Low Quality

Commercially available auto glass repairs kits are not even close to the caliber of professional windshield repairs. They don’t contain the same high-quality resin or the best tools to apply the product. And while a DIY option might sound tempting if you’re on a budget, chances are you’ll get what you pay for. If you pay for a low-cost kit, you’ll end up with a low-quality repair. Ultimately, there’s a high probability you’ll end up right back where you started: with a damaged windshield.


DIY Auto Glass Repairs May Void Insurance Coverage

Most auto insurance policies provide some level of coverage for auto glass repair and replacement. They also contain provisions designed to discourage vehicle owners from performing their own glass repairs. If your insurance policy stipulates that you must take your vehicle to a professional for windshield repairs, performing a DIY repair could void your coverage.


So let’s say you use a DIY glass repair kit, but the repair doesn’t hold. What happens next? You’ll have to take your vehicle in for a professional repair. But rather than getting a low-cost or completely free repair from your insurance company, you’ll be forced to pay the full amount of the repairs yourself.


Not only will you be out the cash for your failed DIY repair kit, but you’ll also be on the hook for any additional required work. Worse, if you damage your windshield beyond repair while using a DIY kit, you’ll have to pay for a complete windshield replacement on your own. Talk about a waste of time and money, right?


Do-It-Yourself Repairs Can Encourage Further Glass Damage

If the engine of your vehicle was damaged, would you attempt to repair it yourself? Of course not! And why would you only trust a professional to perform that job? Because you’re not trained to perform the work properly, and any misstep could potentially result in irreparable damage. The same idea applies to windshield repairs: Even a small misstep could render the glass unusable.


Without the training and skills necessary to perform a quality windshield repair, you won’t know whether the work you’re performing will actually hold up. Common DIY auto glass repair mistakes include:


●        Not cleaning the glass properly before applying resin

●        Applying too much pressure to the glass during application

●        Not allowing the resin to cure long enough

●        Failing to apply the resin correctly to provide a proper seal

●        Improper buffing of the resin after sealing or failing to buff the area at all


All of the above application mistakes can result in further glass damage, either immediately or over time. And when that damage occurs, you’ll ultimately be forced to take your vehicle to a professional auto glass repair shop anyway. That’s why opting for professional repair is always the best course of action from the outset.


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