In Minnesota, we have some pretty drastic temperature fluctuations. In the span of just one day, we can sometimes see a temperature change of over 50 degrees! And while our vehicles have heating and cooling systems designed to keep us perpetually comfortable, our auto glass may be suffering. So how do wild fluctuations in outside temperature affect the protective glass within our vehicles? The glass pros at Only 1 Auto Glass are here to discuss how temperatures can affect your auto glass, and what to do before winter arrives.


Cold Causes Contraction

If you’ve spent a winter in Minnesota, you know first-hand what brutal cold really means. In the dead of winter, temperatures can drop into the sub-zero range, and these frigid temperatures can spell problems for your windshield and other windows. Before the bitter cold sets in, we recommend inspecting your glass for even the smallest dings and scratches.


Even minor flaws in your windshield can become huge cracks as the cold forces your glass to contract. Extreme cold puts stress on all components of your auto glass, including the metal and sealant that attach the glass to the frame. When each component is fully intact, the stress is evenly distributed. Minor cracks or dings, however, place excessive stress on the glass itself, causing it to crack or even shatter.


Heat Causes Expansion

It’s a bitterly cold morning, still dark out, and you have to warm up your car before heading to work. What do you do? Crank that defrost to full blast, right? Wrong. Imagine dropping an ice cube in a glass of warm water. What’s that you hear? Oh yes, cracks. Now imagine that ice cube is your auto glass.


When you blast warm air at an ice-cold windshield, you multiply the chances that any dings or tiny flaws will grow into much larger problems. Cracks tend to travel toward heat, and as your glass slowly expands with the warming temperature, any flaws will slowly expand, too. To prevent this from occurring, inspect your glass for any abnormalities. If you find anything, professional auto glass repair can protect the integrity of your glass and prevent you from needing a future replacement.


Auto Glass Repair Service in the Twin Cities

As the winter season approaches, it’s important to prepare your vehicle accordingly. The experts at Only 1 Auto Glass can inspect your glass for abnormalities and repair any existing damage. Whether that means just a small rock chip repair or a more extensive auto glass replacement, our team has the knowledge and experience you need to feel confident in the integrity of your vehicle’s glass. To request your free estimate, or to schedule service, contact our team at 651-789-1111.