No one purchases a vehicle with a sunroof thinking that the glass is going to explode. Most sunroof owners never allow the thought to cross their minds. But, just because it’s not a common occurrence doesn’t mean it can’t happen. In fact, a recent Consumer Reports investigation indicates that certain sunroofs do indeed explode. And, unfortunately, the number of spontaneously shattering overhead windows is steadily growing.


At Only 1 Auto Glass, we’re here to help you stay well informed and safe while driving. If you own a vehicle with a sunroof, here’s what you need to know:


What Causes Sunroof Explosions?

Though researchers are working to find a definitive cause behind sunroof explosions, they still aren’t quite sure what’s going on. However, a few possible explanations include:


●        Growing sunroof size. Since sunroofs began gaining size in 2011, the number of spontaneous sunroof explosions has steadily risen. Though there’s no hard evidence to back up the correlation, the number of sunroof auto glass repairs indicates design alterations must be initiated.


●        High temperatures. One theory behind exploding sunroofs is extreme sunlight exposure, though there’s no science to back up this claim. Auto glass is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and is typically constructed of tempered glass, specifically to avoid spontaneous shattering. If heat plays a role, researchers haven’t quite determined the mechanism behind it.


●        Defective glass. Probably the most accurate theory to date is manufacturer defects in the glass. Since 2011, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has seen a steady increase in the number of auto glass safety reports filed by consumers.


Many of the safety reports indicate the explosion issue stems from a small percentage of both domestic and foreign auto glass manufacturers. Considering the consistency of manufacturer-specific incidents, this finding is likely not coincidental.


What Should You Do If Your Sunroof Explodes?

If your sunroof spontaneously shatters and you incur injuries or property damage, you can file a claim against the manufacturer that produced the glass. First and foremost though, you’ll need to seek immediate auto glass replacement. Driving with a missing or partially intact sunroof is incredibly dangerous, so for your own safety, contact an auto glass repair specialist immediately.


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