Always in a hurry to get ice off your windshield before you head to work? Then it’s time you learn how to get rid of that ice as fast as possible. Chipping away at it with only a scraper isn’t just time consuming and inefficient; it’s downright frustrating and sometimes, even ineffective. Fortunately, there are a couple of highly effective ways to eliminate windshield ice quickly, and you can learn all about them below.


Apply De-Icer Spray to the Glass

If you’ve never used de-icer spray to get stubborn ice off your windshield, it’s time you give it a try. Compared to using an ice scraper, de-icer is safer for your auto glass because it minimizes the risk of unintentional damage and the need for subsequent windshield repairs. De-icer spray also eliminates ice faster than an ice scraper and it’s remarkably easy to use.


If you want to give de-icer a try, choose from one of the following options:


●        Alcohol-based spray. You can make a homemade de-icer on the cheap by combining one part water and two parts 70% isopropyl alcohol. Pour this solution into a spray bottle and apply a light layer of it to the ice on your windshield.


●        Saltwater de-icer. Using a saltwater solution is another highly effective way to de-ice your windshield. Just pour room temperature water into a spray bottle, add a few spoonfuls of salt, let the salt dissolve, and spray the solution on your icy windshield. For best results, use road salt rather than table salt.


●        Store-bought de-icer. Commercial de-icers are widely available at auto supply shops and even big box stores. These also work well, but they’re considerably more expensive than their homemade counterparts, so if you’re de-icing almost daily, opting for the DIY route is far more economical.


It’s also important to note that although de-icing a windshield with hot water might seem like a good idea, it’s not. When hot water makes contact with freezing auto glass, the dramatic temperature difference can cause the glass to crack. To avoid needing windshield repairs, always make sure you warm up and cool down your auto glass gradually.


Melt Windshield Ice With Your DeFroster

Using your vehicle’s defrost to remove windshield ice isn’t the fastest way to get the job done, but it is the safest — that’s what the mechanism is designed for, after all. If you’re going to take the defrost route, make sure you allow about 20 minutes or so for the ice to melt.


When your vehicle is covered in ice, allowing it to gradually heat up is the best way to avoid unintentional auto glass cracks caused by sudden and drastic temperatures changes. If you have any existing chips in your vehicle windows, they can easily spread when the glass experiences temperature-related stress. 


Combine Defrost, De-Icer, and Scraper for Rapid Results

If you’re in a huge hurry and need to get ice off your windshield quickly, the best way to get the job done is by combining all the tools in your toolbox. Here’s what you need to do:


●        Apply one of the three de-icer sprays above to your windshield and allow it to sit for a few minutes.

●        Start your vehicle and turn on the defroster.

●        After the de-icer has had a few minutes to work and your defroster has also started to melt the ice, use a plastic ice scraper to gently chip away at the chunks of ice on the glass. As you loosen pieces of ice, sweep them onto the ground and use your windshield wipers to remove any remaining de-icer or water.


Tip: If there are currently any chips in your windshield, it’s in your best interest to avoid using an ice scraper until you handle the necessary windshield repairs. Any amount of pressure on the glass can cause the existing damage to spread.


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