Having a shift in temperature can affect your auto glass in different ways. Inspect your windshield for any cracks and chips before a change in temperature occurs. If you have a chip or crack, Only 1 Auto Glass can repair your windshield. If a repair is not feasible, we will replace the glass for you. Here are some ways that opposite inside/outside temperatures can affect your auto glass.

Defogging Your Auto Glass
When it is cold on the outside of your car, it can cause the inside of your windows to fog up. If you need to defrost them fast, open the windows or blow the vent air on them without heat. To keep your windshield from fogging up again, blow hot air on the glass. Blowing hot air on your fogged-up windshield will dry up the moisture on the inside of the glass. Do not use the ‘recirculate air’ button during this time.

During the summer months, the fog on your windshield is on the outside. Your windshield wipers will be able to defog your windshield by wiping away the moisture on the outside. The fog can also be cleared up by warming up the temperature on the inside of your car. The inside temperature can be warmed by turning your air conditioning down or by turning your heater on low. Keeping your windshield clean will help your windshield to not fog up.

Auto Glass Repair During the Winter
Temperature changes cause the auto glass to expand and contract. Expanding and contracting of the glass will make your glass weak. The changes in the glass can lead to cracks. For this reason, inspect your windshield on a regular basis for chips and cracks before the cold weather arrives. Only 1 Auto Glass can repair your car windshield if the damage is small enough. We can replace the windshield if it is not repairable. 

To avoid your windshield from cracking when it is frozen do not blow hot air on the glass. Blowing the hot air towards the floor or passengers will help prevent the windshield from cracking. Pouring hot water on your frozen auto glass can cause them to crack. To prevent cracks, avoid significant temperature differences on the inside and outside of your automobile.

Auto Glass Repair During the Summer
Avoid exposing your windshield to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause your windshield to crack. Your windshield has a black ceramic frit around the outside edge. The frit seals and holds the windshield in place. The outside of the windshield will be hotter than the center of the windshield because the frit is black. The temperature difference will cause the glass to become weaker and prone to cracks.

Auto Glass Repair in Maplewood, Minnesota
Before brutal temperature changes occur, inspect your auto glass for any chips or cracks. Have them repaired by Only 1 Auto Glass in the Twin Cities area. To schedule your auto glass repair or replacement, call us at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page.