You are driving down the road when a large rock comes flying at your windshield. This leaves you with a crack in the driver's side of your windshield. Unfortunately, it impedes your ability to see while driving, and it's illegal to drive in Minnesota with auto glass damage that's in your line. Therefore, your windshield must be replaced. 

But, if it is the dead of winter and freezing outside, can or should you get your windshield replaced? If you've never gotten a new auto glass during the snowy, cold season, here's what you should know about getting a windshield replacement in winter. 

Should Windshields Be Replaced in Winter?

Windshields can be replaced when it is wintertime. However, the products used to adhere the glass in place may differ. This is because you need a product that will cure faster in winter. You may also need to have the glass replaced at a windshield replacement shop versus using a mobile auto glass installer who comes to you (most shops won't perform mobile replacements during winter anyway). 

If you replace the glass outdoors when cold, you may run into problems because glass naturally contracts a bit when it is cold out. Humidity control is another problem that makes outdoor windshield installation undesirable. 

It's often humid during winter, and all that moisture in the air can interfere with the adhesive's ability to set and cure properly. If the adhesive used to secure the glass to your vehicle's frame doesn't set as it should, your windshield could easily end up with leaks. If the seal is really poor, it may even start popping off the frame, or it could fly off completely during a collision. 

What Is Considered Cold for Glass?

Unfortunately, there is no baseline for what is considered cold when it comes to glass and auto installation. It depends on the type of glass that is being installed and the curing products that are used. 

As a general rule of thumb, if the temperatures are around freezing, the products used to cure your glass windshield will differ from outdoor temperatures above freezing. And ideally, you want to install glass when it's temperate outdoors. If a mobile company can't keep the glass warm enough in their truck, they may advise you to have it installed in a garage or glass repair shop.

Moisture Can Cause Major Problems 

If you're scheduling in-shop windshield repairs, you won't need to worry about moisture-related problems since the shop environment can be tightly controlled. But if you're getting mobile auto glass repairs, you need to know that moisture inside the damaged area can cause serious issues with the quality of the chip or crack repair you need. 

Moisture can interfere with the adhesive's ability to cure and secure the glass to your vehicle's frame. While it's possible to get a mobile windshield replacement, it may be in your best interest to schedule this service in the shop to minimize the risk of moisture interference and adhesion issues.

Should I Hold Off Until Spring to Replace My Windshield?

No, you should not wait until it warms up outdoors to get your windshield replacement. Doing so can put your safety and auto glass at risk for more severe damage.  

Cold temperatures can cause an existing crack to grow in your windshield or even make it shatter entirely in a worst-case scenario. If your windshield needs to be replaced, cold temperatures shouldn't prevent you from having it done. 

There may be special challenges that go along with replacing a windshield when it is cold, but a reputable auto glass repair shop can help you navigate those challenges with ease.

Caring for Your Windshield After Replacement

Just as you should take special precautions after getting a windshield replacement when it's warmer outdoors, you should take those same precautions if you get your auto glass replacement during winter. When you get your vehicle back, make sure you:

  • Avoid slamming doors, as doing so can create vibrations that may interfere with curing.
  • Let the retention tape sit for at least 24 hours.
  • Drive slowly on bumpy roads and over potholes and speed bumps.

For more tips on making your new auto glass last as long as possible, check out our guide on caring for your windshield after you replace it.  

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