Do you park your vehicle outdoors during winter? Then you’re all too familiar with the daily struggle of defrosting the windows. But getting ice and frost off your windshield doesn’t have to be a frustrating and time-consuming experience when you know how to hack the process. Read on to learn the best techniques for defrosting your auto glass in half the time.


Pour Tepid Water on the Windshield

Want to de-ice your windshield faster than you ever have before? This tip is for you. Find a gallon bucket and fill it with room temperature water. Do not use hot water or the drastic temperature difference between the water and the freezing glass could cause your windshield to crack.


Once your bucket is full, take it outside and slowly pour the tepid water over your windshield. Start with one of the top corners and gradually work your way along the glass horizontally. As the water flows downward, it will melt the ice and frost toward the middle and bottom of the glass. If you have any water left over when you’re finished with the windshield, use it to thaw the frost on the other windows.


When you’re finished pouring the water, use a squeegee or your windshield wipers to remove the thawed slush from the glass. If you currently have a broken windshield — even if the damage is minor — it’s best to avoid using this technique. Glass reacts to temperature differences by expanding and contracting, so this defrosting method could cause existing damage to spread.


Apply an Alcohol-Water Solution to Your Auto Glass

Did you know isopropyl alcohol is an excellent de-icer? It’s true — because alcohol freezes at a much lower temperature than water, it’s capable of melting the frost on your windshield in a matter of minutes. Here’s how to use alcohol to defrost your windshield:


●        Fill a spray bottle with one part 70% isopropyl alcohol and two parts tap water. Swirl the bottle gently to mix.

●        Head outside and spray the solution on your windshield, coating the glass completely. Let the solution sit for about a minute to allow the alcohol to thaw the frost.

●        Use a squeegee, windshield wipers, a soft cloth, or your gloved hand to wipe away the leftover thawed slush.


If you like this method, consider keeping a small spray bottle of alcohol-water solution in your vehicle, so you can tackle frosty windows when you’re on the go.


Use a Credit Card

If you’re stuck without a de-icing solution or a plastic ice scraper, a credit or debit card can work for defrosting your windshield in a pinch. It’s not the fastest defrosting technique by far, but when you don’t have any other tools, it’ll get frost of your auto glass faster than your defroster alone.


Use the card as you would an ice scraper, but make sure you run your defroster concurrently, so it’ll work on thawing the buildup while you chip away at it. Whatever you do, never use anything metal to scrape frost off your windshield! There’s a high likelihood you’ll scratch or chip the glass and end up needing windshield repairs.


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