You’re driving down the road, and a few small pebbles ding your windshield. Although there are no major cracks, you notice that there are a few chipped areas. The question is whether you should have the chips repaired or the entire windshield fully replaced. The only way to know for sure is to have an Only 1 Auto Glass technician assess the windshield to see which option is the best for your car.


When to Repair Your Windshield

When you bring your car into our service center, we will inspect the damage to determine if reparation is the best course of action. It depends on several factors. Here are a few:


●        The chip or crack covers an area that is less than six inches. If it’s larger than it has the potential to become worse. This will cause the glass to become unstable.


●        If the windshield has sustained three chips or less, the entire surface can be repaired.


●        The damage is not on the edge of the windshield where it is the most vulnerable.


When to Replace Your Windshield

Although windshield repair is more cost-effective and faster than a full window replacement, it’s not always the wisest choice. If we find that the damage is too extensive, then we will have no choice but to put in a new window. This ensures that the glass in front of you will not shatter or crack even more. Remember, windshield damage only gets worse with time. Therefore, small chips and cracks will become larger costly problems down the road.


Always Consider the Safety of Your Passengers

Windshield Damage is a safety issue. This is especially true if the chips are directly in your line of sight when you are looking forward. There are other concerns as well. For example, anyone riding in your car is vulnerable, because damaged glass makes the entire windshield unstable. The slightest impact could shatter the surface and injure someone in the car. With this in mind, safety should always be your greatest concern when deciding whether to repair or replace your windshield.


If you are unsure which route to take, then bring your car into Only 1 Auto Glass. Our skilled technicians can evaluate the damage on the glass and then help you make the best decision. We service all makes and models of cars both foreign and domestic. We offer full chip repair and windshield or side window replacement. Call us today at 651-789-1111 for a free estimate. We are the Twin Cities’ most trusted auto glass repair company.