When you drive in Minnesota, prepping your automobile to handle winter weather is an inevitable part of vehicle ownership. And although you probably know you should swap out your summer tires, replace your fluids with winter-specific formulations, and ensure your battery is in good working order, there are a few prep tips that many people tend to overlook. 


Might you be neglecting a few important winter prep tips that can help prevent the need for auto glass repairs? Read on to find out.


Double-Check Your Windshield Wipers

Before the first snow falls, make sure your windshield wipers are fully intact and working as they should. The rubber should be in good condition — not dehydrated, cracking, or peeling away from the metal — and no streaks should be left behind after each pass.


To prevent accidental scratches in your windshield that may necessitate auto glass repairs, replace damaged wipers as soon as you’re aware they’re in suboptimal condition.


Make Sure Your Defroster Is in Good Working Order

Using the defroster to gradually warm up the interior of your vehicle and melt the frost and ice on the windows is probably the safest way to de-ice your windshield. But if you haven’t used your defroster since last winter, it’s definitely worth making sure the apparatus is still fully functional.


Use De-Icer Windshield Washer Fluid

Did you know there’s windshield washer fluid that’s specifically formulated to help de-ice the glass? It’s true! Swapping out your regular fluid for the de-icing variety can help prevent glass scratches that can easily occur if you get a little too enthusiastic about scraping ice buildup off your windshield.


Put a Plastic Scraper in the Back Seat

If you need to scrape ice or frost off your windshield, the only material you should ever use to get the job done is plastic. Never use anything metal or even slightly abrasive, as those materials can scratch or even crack the glass.


Glass tends to be more vulnerable to damage when temperatures drop into the freezing and sub-freezing realm. Ultimately, the gentler you are on your windshield, the more you reduce your likelihood of needing auto glass repairs. 


Consider Investing in a Windshield Cover

If you park outdoors at night, using a windshield cover can shave several minutes off your morning defrost routine. That’s especially true when the forecast calls for freezing rain. Since the cover prevents a thick sheet of ice from forming on your windshield, you won’t have to scrape for several minutes to dislodge the buildup.


If you tend to be in a hurry in the morning, using a cover will reduce the temptation to resort to ice-removal tactics that may damage the glass and leave you needing windshield repairs.


Get Top-Notch Auto Glass Repair at Only 1 Auto Glass

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