Poor windshield wipers are both a hassle and dangerous to drivers when it’s raining. They can also create poor driving conditions by scratching your windshield. Etching across the glass can inhibit your ability to see out the windshield, thus making you miss turns, road signs, and not notice oncoming traffic. If you think that the wipers are scratching the windshield on your vehicle, then bring it to Only 1 Auto Glass. We can inspect your windshield and make the necessary repairs.


How Wiper Blades Damage Your Windshield

Once your car arrives at our service center, we immediately inspect the blades. If the rubber edge is worn down, it exposes the metal. The shape of the blade forces the metal to press against the glass. Therefore, the metal scratches the glass over a prolonged period.


Since windshield wiper blades oscillate, the quick back-and-forth motion will form grooves in the glass since the metal is digging into the surface. Eventually, the grooves will become noticeable and distracting. If the problem persists, then the windshield may be beyond repair. We will have to replace it with a brand new windshield.


What Scratches Do to Your Windshield

A windshield filled with scratches only gets worse and leads to multiple problems over time.


●        Water streaks that block the view across the entire windshield

●        Sunlight and headlights reflecting off the scratches. The light hitting the damaged glass can be distorted or refracted.

●        The blade never wholly wipes the water away. Water collects on the glass.

●        The windshield becomes more damaged over time.


Should You Replace or Repair Your Windshield

A quick inspection from our repair technicians will reveal what we need to do to your windshield. Much of what we need to do depends on the extent of the damage to the glass. If there are small scrapes or scratches here and there, then we can repair the windshield. If there are deep cuts or extensive damage across the entire surface, then we’ll need to replace the whole window. Whether we replace or your repair your windshield, we can do it in a manner that is both efficient and affordable. You’ll have a brand new windshield in no time.


Centennial Glass Offers Complete Windshield Repair

If your truck or car is suffering from windshield damage, then contact Only 1 Auto today. We offer a wide range of glass repair services for both personal and commercial vehicles. We service all car owners in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota. Contact us at 651-789-1111 for a free estimate. We are here when you need us!