Properly caring for your windshield during winter seems pretty straightforward, right? Aside from keeping it clean, swapping out your wipers regularly, and avoiding sharp ice-scraping tools, there’s not much else you need to worry about to avoid windshield repairs, right?




Taking great care of your windshield throughout winter involves a few extra precautions since freezing weather can encourage glass damage that may not occur under other circumstances. Check out the common auto glass care mistakes below so you know exactly what to avoid.


Using Warm Water to De-Ice the Glass

No matter how short on time you are, never use warm or hot water to de-ice a frosty or icy windshield. Glass expands and contracts in reaction to temperature fluctuations, so when it’s caked in ice and you pour warm water on it, the rapid expansion can cause the glass to crack suddenly.


It’s fine to use water to help de-ice a windshield quickly, but you must use tepid or cool water rather than warm or hot. For more tips on de-icing your auto glass quickly, check out the best ways to get ice off your windshield


Ignoring Minor Chips and Cracks

If glass expands and contracts in response to temperature fluctuations, it only makes sense then, that ignoring small chips or cracks in your windshield can lead to disaster. Although a minor crack might seem like nothing to worry about, if temperatures fluctuate wildly during the day — which they often do during a Minnesota winter — that crack could easily grow larger. If it grows past a certain point, windshield replacement is inevitable.


Using Ice-Caked Wipers

When you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, it’s easy to leave your windshield wipers caked in ice, but that’s one mistake you definitely don’t want to make. Not only are ice-caked wipers basically non-functional (and therefore, unsafe) since they can’t remove moisture from your windshield, but they also increase your risk of accidentally scratching the glass.


If you’re not keen on needing auto glass repairs in the middle of winter, make sure you allow your wipers to fully defrost before you use them.


Parking In Unsafe Spots

If you park outdoors, do yourself a huge favor and avoid parking in places where your windshield could suffer sudden damage. What kind of places are we talking about? Anywhere with large icicles that could fall on your windshield or beneath snow-caked tree branches that look as though they might eventually fall.


Although it’s not super common for falling icicles or tree branches to fall and damage a vehicle, it’s better to be extra safe than sorry, if you want to avoid winter windshield repairs.


Cranking Up the Defrost

If you use your vehicle’s defroster to warm things up before you head off to work, avoid cranking the setting all the way up to high as soon as you turn it on. Like warm water, a sudden influx of warm air can potentially cause an ice-caked windshield to crack. That’s especially true if your windshield has any type of existing damage you haven’t yet had repaired.


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