Scratches in your auto glass may not seem like a big deal, especially if they’re fairly small. But assuming that windshield scratches don’t present a real hazard while you’re driving could get you in trouble. A scratch can easily morph into more severe windshield damage that can make it difficult to see while you’re driving and may put you and your passengers’ safety at risk.


At Only 1 Auto Glass, driver safety is the primary reason we do what we do. So in this blog, we’re sharing our top tips for keeping your vehicle windows in great condition. Read on to learn how to prevent scratches in your auto glass, and as always, give us a call for all your auto glass repair needs!


1. Keep Your Windshield Wiper Fluid Reservoir Full

Keeping your wiper fluid reservoir full is one of the easiest ways to help prevent windshield scratches. When your reservoir has plenty of fluid, your wipers can function according to their design whenever you use them. Without enough fluid, the wipers are more likely to scratch the glass (especially if they’re old) since they’re not designed to operate on dry glass.


To prevent the need for windshield scratch repairs, be sure to check your reservoir’s fluid level at least once a month and fill it if necessary.


2. Replace Aging Windshield Wipers Promptly

Most windshield wipers are designed to last for six months to a year. If you keep an aging pair of wipers on your vehicle past their recommended lifespan, they’re far more likely to scratch up your windshield.


Since the wipers’ rubber components gradually deteriorate with prolonged environmental exposure, the metal component of each wiper can eventually make contact with the glass. If that happens, it will inevitably etch shallow scratches in your windshield each time you use your wipers.


Replacing your windshield wipers at six- to 12-month intervals is one of the simplest things you can do to avoid the need for windshield repair or replacement. 


3. Keep Windshield Wiper Blades Clean

If you don’t use your windshield wipers frequently, they can quickly accumulate dirt and grit from the road. And if you use dirty windshield wipers — yes, even with windshield wiper fluid — that grit can etch tiny scratches in the glass.


While those scratches may not seem like a big deal because they’re hardly detectable, they can easily create visibility issues when sunlight hits your windshield. That’s why it’s so important to clean those blades on a regular basis, ideally once a week.


All you’ll need to do is grab a lint-free cloth and wet it so that it’s just damp. Gently wipe down your windshield wiper blades until they’re free of dirt and residue, and you’ll be good to go. If, however, you take your vehicle through a car wash weekly, you shouldn’t need to worry about cleaning the blades by hand.


4. Use the Right Tools to Remove Ice and Snow

If you park outdoors during winter, make sure you’re using glass-safe tools and techniques to remove snow and ice from your vehicle windows. If you use a scraper, make sure it’s fashioned from plastic. If you use your vehicle’s defrost, allow it to warm the glass gradually rather than immediately cranking it up to the highest setting.


For more tips on removing ice and snow safely, check out Discover the Best Way to Get Ice Off Your Auto Glass and How to Defrost Your Windshield Safely.


5. Park in Covered Areas Whenever Possible

Parking your vehicle out in the open leaves your auto glass vulnerable to all sorts of hazards. Many of those hazards — like hail, flying rocks, and falling objects — can easily put scratches in your windshield, rear window, or side windows.


To protect your vehicle from damage and avoid the need for sudden, unexpected auto glass repair or replacement, park in covered areas whenever you can. Even if you must park under a vehicle tent in your driveway, that’s better than leaving your entire automobile exposed.  


6. Maintain a Safe Following Distance

Following other vehicles too closely is one of the easiest ways to incur scratches in your windshield. That’s why we highly recommend maintaining at least three seconds of distance between the front of your vehicle and the rear of the vehicle in front of you. Not sure how to do that? Here’s the lowdown:


●        Find a focal point along the side of the road some distance ahead of you (a sign, a mile marker, a tree, etc.).

●        Wait for the vehicle in front of you to pass the point you choose.

●        As soon as the driver in front of you passes that point, begin counting seconds, starting with one.

●        If you pass the point you chose in under three seconds, back off a little.

●        If you pass the point you chose in three or more seconds, you’re good to go.


To give yourself an even better chance of avoiding windshield scratches and unexpected auto glass repairs, consider leaving about five seconds of space between you and the car in front of you.


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