When rear windows suffer chips or cracks, unless the damage is extremely minor, it almost always necessitates a complete rear window glass replacement. And while some culprits behind back glass damage are largely unavoidable, certain causes of damage are almost completely preventable. 


Read on to learn about some of the most common, preventable causes behind rear window damage and what you can do to protect your back glass from chips and cracks. 


Thermal Stress

When your rear window is exposed to heat, it expands slightly; when it’s exposed to cold, it contracts slightly. Much like an ice cube cracks when you drop it in a cup of warm water, your rear window can do something quite similar when it’s exposed to a sudden, dramatic temperature fluctuation.


Fortunately, preventing thermal-stress-induced glass damage isn’t difficult. To avoid back glass repairs, you’ll need to avoid cranking your heat up to high immediately after entering your vehicle on a frigid day. You’ll also want to avoid turning your air conditioner to full blast when you enter your vehicle on a sweltering summer afternoon.


It’s also a good idea to park in a covered area to prevent your rear window from sitting in the sun for hours on end. If you must park outdoors, roll your window down to let hot air escape before you turn on the a/c.


If you’re really unlucky, your rear window could even shatter as a result of excessive thermal stress.


Poor Rear Window Installation

Improper glass installation is probably the most common culprit behind rear window damage and the need for back glass replacement. Unfortunately, this isn’t a problem with a guaranteed solution, but you can do your best to avoid poor rear window installation by doing your research.


If you ever need to schedule a rear window glass replacement appointment, make sure you vet the auto glass company thoroughly. Look for customer reviews, trust signals online, and the number of years the company has been in business. Reputable auto glass replacement specialists (like Only 1 Auto Glass!) offer installation warranties as a means to guarantee the quality of their work. 


Falling Objects

When you park outdoors, falling objects are always a potential threat to your auto glass. And no, we’re not talking about random things falling out of the sky. We’re referring to falling objects like hail, tree branches, and other outdoor debris that can come out of nowhere during a severe weather event.


Fortunately, one of the best ways to avoid rear window repair or replacement is also one of the easiest: Park in a covered area whenever possible. Being careful about where you park won’t just save you from needing back glass repairs; it can save you from needing any other type of auto glass repair, too.


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