Many drivers and front-seat passengers are injured in Minnesota each year due to the faulty windshield installation. But you don’t have to worry about your windshield if you have it professionally installed by an Only 1 Auto Glass technician. Below are some ways to tell if your windshield was not correctly installed by someone else. If you notice any of these signs of faulty installation on your windshield, then contact us immediately.


1. The Old Adhesive is Still in the Frame

A seasoned mechanic will completely remove all the old parts of a damaged window and replace them with brand new parts. Anything less than that is unprofessional. Failure to remove the old factory adhesive does not allow the new adhesive to seal the window and create a weatherproof frame. Therefore, our technicians make sure to clean out the former seal and start fresh.


2. The New Windshield is not Flush

By ‘flush’ we mean that it does not correctly fit in the frame. A seasoned mechanic will find the right windshield for a car and place it in the frame so that it adheres perfectly to the to the edges without moving at all. Glass from junkyards does not meet this criterion. We recommend that you order a new glass windshield for your car.


3. Messy Molding Around the Frame

Installing a windshield is like installing crown molding in your home. You don’t want it to be messy. If you notice that the molding around the windshield is bumpy or not in line with the frame, then it’s probably due to a weak installation. At Only 1 Auto Glass, we take our time and do the job right so that the windshield is both installed correctly and looks right around the edges.


4. Water Leaks

A bad seal around the windshield will often reveal itself through water leaks around the frame. Like all other problems listed here, a poor seal around the windshield is not only irritating but dangerous. If water is coming through the seal, then you need to visit our service center immediately. Your windshield could be in danger of coming loose. We can reseal the window and keep moisture from getting in your car.


5. Not Installed By A Professional

Windshields are serious business. Your safety and the safety of those riding in the car with you are at stake. For this reason, you should only hire an experienced, certified, and Minnesota-licensed technician to install a windshield. If your windshield wasn’t installed by a professional, we’d recommend you get it checkout to be sure you are safe within your vehicle.


At Only 1 Auto Glass, all of our technicians are highly-trained, certified, and experienced. We install windshields in all types of vehicles foreign and domestic. Whether you need a replacement for a personal car or commercial vehicle, you can count on us for dependable service, industry-level products, and work of the highest quality. Call us today at 651-789-1111 and schedule a repair if you have a damaged windshield. We are your auto glass specialists in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.