Where you park your car can have an impact on the windshield—literally. Many of the auto glass repair cases we see each year have to do with falling objects crashing into a car and blasting out the glass. If a falling object cracks or breaks your auto glass, contact Only 1 Auto Glass today. You can come to our service center, or we can send someone out to you with our remote service. In the meantime watch out for the following parking conditions.


●        Ice and Snow on the Roof

For those of us who live in Minnesota, falling snow and ice is always an issue. No matter where we drive, it seems that we’re playing ‘dodge the ice.’ If you have a garage in your home, we suggest you clear it out and park the car there. During the winter time, the garage is the safest place to park your car. It also gives it protection from severe storms and hail storms in the summer.


●        Tall, Tall Trees

Multiple things go wrong when you park your car under a tree. The most imminent threat is a falling branch. The larger the branch, the greater the impact. Many trees also produce sap that can stick to the windshield and ruin your car’s paint job. If you have no choice but to park under a tree, then trim the tree and clear out the dead debris regularly to avoid windshield damage.


●        Construction/Home Improvement Sites

This one should be obvious. Do not park your car under ladders, construction crews, or any home improvement project. We’ve had to repair windshields that were busted from falling hammers, paint buckets, ladders, and heavy equipment. In 100% of these cases, the accident could have been avoided if the owner of the vehicle parked somewhere else.


●        Using Your Car to Elevate Yourself

This is dangerous on so many levels. If you are using your vehicle as a step-up to a tree, on top of a roof, or some other high point, you are invoking Murphy’s Law. It is quite possible that you could fall back into the windshield and crack it or bust it wide open. You may injure yourself in the process. Instead of using a vehicle to elevate yourself, a ladder may be a better option.


We Are Your Here When Your Windshield Breaks

If you find yourself in one of the situations we just described and you need fast auto glass or windshield repair or replacement, then call Only 1 Auto Glass. Our technicians provide fast, friendly service, work of the highest caliber, and affordable rates that stay within your budget. We work on all foreign and domestic vehicles including commercial vehicles. Our service extends to car and truck owners across the Twin Cities Metro area.


To schedule a repair, call us at 651-789-1111, or you can message us on our contact page.