If your auto glass recently sustained damage, you’re likely wondering what your repair options are. Should you attempt a DIY repair? (Hint: the answer is no!) Or should you opt for professional attention? (That’s a definite affirmative). When it comes to repairing auto glass, a trained technician has a few different options at his disposal, and even the least effective among them is better than a DIY kit. At Only 1 Auto Glass, we employ industry best practices and materials when performing auto glass repairs, and below, we’ve outlined how each process works.


Windshield Resin

Resin is the most frequently used windshield repair method employed by professional glass repair specialists. To repair chips and cracks, the technician injects a small amount of resin into the damaged area to fill in any gaps. He then applies heat to the resin, which causes it to expand slightly, creating a complete seal. The heat also forces the resin to harden, which strengthens the damaged area and prevents the chip or crack from spreading.


Windshield Patch

Though rarely used in professional windshield repairs, a windshield patch is designed to hold damaged auto glass together and prevent further cracking. This repair method can buy you some time until you can have the damage properly repaired, but it’s not recommended as a long-term fix. In fact, windshield patches are most commonly found in DIY repair kits, which we never recommend using.


Patches are designed to be cut down to size and then applied over small areas of damaged glass. After application, the patch cures and hardens over several hours, which provides added strength to the damaged area.


Windshield Replacement

For large chips or cracks, or those that contain ground-in debris, windshield replacement is typically the only feasible repair option. Because extensive windshield damage can compromise your vision while driving, professional auto glass repair specialists will generally recommend a complete windshield repair for the following types of damage:


●        Cracks that extend into the driver’s line of sight

●        Complex cracks

●        Cracks that exceed 6 inches

●        Deep or contaminated glass chips


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