You probably don’t give your auto glass much thought. You may not consider that the tinting helps cool your vehicle in the summer. You may take for granted that your auto glass protects you from the elements and helps keep items inside of your vehicle safe. You probably never gave any thought to what it would be like driving without a windshield and how it protects you from insects in the air and debris on the roadway.


At Only 1 Auto Glass, we love auto glass so much we’ve made it our business. We think about it every day. We’ve been providing windshield auto repair and auto glass replacement services for the Minneapolis-St. Paul Twin City Area for years. We are employee owned and we offer free estimates.

 We care so much about auto glass we want to share our car window care and cleaning tips.

 Caring for Your Auto Glass

There is good news when it comes to auto glass. Unlike your tires that need to have their pressure checked or your radiator that you have to keep filled with anti-freeze, there are no such demands from your auto glass. You don’t have to keep tanks filled or filters changed. You simply need to keep it clean.

Even cleaning auto glass can be simple. Mix a 50/50 blend of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and use old newspapers to dry it without streaks. Now can you see why we love auto glass so much?

There are some more exotic steps you can take. For example, when you clean your passenger windows remember to slightly lower them and clean the top edges. The rubber seals around windows will appreciate a protectant occasionally to keep them pliable and looking good.  Of course, you can add a rain-repellent product if you really want to spoil them. After all, protecting you from snow, wind, rain, dust, and sound is hard work. Your auto glass deserves SOME attention.


When You Are Really Likely to Notice Your Auto Glass

The reality is, most people don’t pay much attention to their auto glass until it has a problem. Perhaps you need a rock chip repair. Maybe a chip turned into something larger and you need a windshield replacement. You could be the victim of a car break in or get involved in an accident. It is in times like these, we want you to remember how much we love auto glass at Only 1 Auto Glass.

Beyond our St. Paul location, we have 13 satellite locations throughout the Twin Cities, MN area. We have eight Auto Glass Safety Council certified installers. We can even come to you to fix your auto glass. When you need auto glass repair, choose the company that knows and cares for it like no other in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Contact Only 1 Auto Glass. We love what we do!