Have you ever found yourself suddenly blinded by an unexpected windshield glare while driving down the road? If so, you may be dealing with windshield pitting, and if that’s true, you’ll need to do something about it to protect your safety.


What exactly is windshield pitting, though? And what are your options for dealing with this type of glass damage? Read on to find out.


What Is Windshield Pitting?

Pitting is a form of natural wear and tear that can affect your auto glass. And it’s basically what it sounds like: pits (aka tiny craters) on the surface of your windshield.


If your windshield is indeed pitted, you may need help to detect those pits at first glance since they tend to be quite small. But if you look closely at your windshield, you’ll likely notice the glass isn’t perfectly smooth. This form of damage is sometimes called sandblasting, but both terms refer to the same thing.


How Does Windshield Pitting Happen?

Pitting is typically caused by abrasive particulates and larger debris, including sand and small rocks. When these things collide with your windshield, they leave behind tiny indentations. Those pockmarks aren’t deep enough to cause the windshield to chip or crack, but they can certainly compromise the strength and integrity of the glass.


How Quickly Does Pitting Develop?

On most vehicles, windshield pitting takes quite a while to become noticeable since most drivers aren’t commuting through sandstorms or construction areas on a daily basis. But in some cases — primarily when drivers live on unpaved roads or use their vehicles for heavy-duty work — pitting can develop much faster.


Is Windshield Pitting Dangerous?

While tiny pits in your auto glass aren’t inherently dangerous on their own, they can certainly put your safety at risk when combined with bright sunlight. Given their shape and placement, those indentations can easily refract sunlight as you’re driving down the road, and when that happens, they can send a mean glare straight into your eyes.


It only takes a fraction of a second for something unexpected to occur on a busy roadway. And if you can’t see because you’re blinded by windshield glare, you won’t be able to respond appropriately. In a worst-case scenario, a pitted windshield could get you into an accident. Don’t let that happen.


Check out how to reduce glare on your windshield if you feel like you’re always driving with bright light in your eyes. 


What Can You Do About Windshield Pitting?

If you have a pitted windshield, chances are it’ll need to be replaced. In most cases, pitting can’t be repaired simply because it’s too extensive and filler can’t fix those super-tiny pockmarks. If you have comprehensive auto insurance, your policy may cover the replacement


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