So you’ve noticed a few tiny indentations in your windshield? What should you do? Should you be worried? At Only 1 Auto Glass, we’re here to answer your most pressing questions about auto glass replacement and repair. If you’ve recently noticed tiny dings in your windshield, your auto glass may be the victim of pitting. While windshield pitting is entirely normal, it can compromise the integrity of your auto glass and your safety. Today, we’re here to discuss what you need to know about auto glass pitting so you can keep yourself safe on the road.


What Causes Windshield Pitting?

While auto glass is certainly sturdy, it wears just like anything else. Driving in inclement weather, through construction zones, and on rough roads can scratch or ding your windshield. When small rocks and other road debris collide with your windshield, they can create tiny indentations you may not notice. Over time, as debris continues to hit your windshield, these indentations may become more apparent. Other situations that can contribute to windshield pitting include:


●        Blowing sand, typical of desert environments

●        Long-term UV exposure

●        Salty air, typical of coastal environments

●        Wind-thrown debris


Is Windshield Pitting Hazardous?

Is pitting dangerous? Should you be worried?


While pitting might seem minor, anytime the integrity of your auto glass is compromised — even by minor damage — you put yourself and your passengers at risk. Pitting can alter the way a windshield shatters in the event of a collision; it can also compromise your vision while driving.


When sunlight shines through pitted glass, it can reflect at unexpected angles, potentially creating dangerous glare. Driving at night won’t get you off the hook, either. Headlights can also cause intense glare as they shine through a pitted windshield.


Moreover, pits can become more severe as time passes, potentially transforming into larger dings and cracks. If you notice windshield pitting, it’s important to take your vehicle to a reputable auto glass repair shop for a windshield replacement. Your safety is paramount.


Should You Repair or Replace Pitted Auto Glass?

That depends on the extent of the damage. If it’s minor, you may be able to have the windshield repaired, but extensive pitting necessitates replacement. In some cases, certain auto glass repair shops may attempt to polish away pitting, but this practice is not the norm.


Polishing a pitted windshield is not endorsed by auto glass certifying bodies, nor the vast majority of reputable shops. According to both the Society of Automotive Engineers and the National Glass Association, there is no current recommended method of repairing pitted glass.


Small chips and cracks, however, can easily be repaired. If you find a shop that tells you they can repair your badly pitted windshield, exercise caution. Polishing or sanding away pitting can compromise the integrity of your windshield glass, potentially putting your safety at risk. Don’t take that chance!


Windshield Replacement Specialists in the Twin Cities

At Only 1 Auto Glass, your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. If you’re having trouble seeing through your windshield due to extensive windshield pitting, bring your vehicle us so we can get you back on the road safely. Our AGSC-certified technicians specialize in all types of auto glass repair and replacement, and with 15 locations throughout the Twin Cities metro, we’re just a short drive away. For more information about our services or to schedule your appointment, give us a call at 651-789-1111, or feel free to message us on our contact page. To get started right away, reach out by requesting your free estimate.