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Rock Salt Season is Almost Here

There are about 365,000 tons of road salt poured onto the roadways in and around the Minneapolis-St. Paul Twin Cities area through our cold weather season. That is a whopping 730 million pounds of the crystalline substance or nearly three-quarters of a billion pounds. That doesn’t include the sand that is also used through the area’s neighborhoods when temperatures get too low. Add to that the gravel that is unavoidably packed up under wheel wells that get dislodged as the snow and ice melt and you have a recipe that can lead to windshield rock chips. Every year thousands of rock chips damage area windshields. What can you do?

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A Rock Chip Repair Now or Big Bucks Later

It can be startling when it happens while you’re driving your car. It can be puzzling when you discover it when you are washing your car. It is that little windshield chip and it can come out of nowhere. They most often occur from a tiny stone kicked upped by a passing truck or car, but when they happen without your knowledge, it makes you wonder.

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Rock Chip Repair? We've Got You Covered!

Those windshield rocks chips that randomly happen can certainly ruin your day. But you know what? At Only 1 Auto Glass we’ve got you covered. An auto glass chip repair is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to a more expensive auto glass repair or a windshield replacement. The problem is, if you don’t get that inexpensive rock chip repaired it can easily turn into a more costly windshield repair …as in driving over a pothole or railroad tracks.

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Questions or Concerns?

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