There are about 365,000 tons of road salt poured onto the roadways in and around the Minneapolis-St. Paul Twin Cities area through our cold weather season. That is a whopping 730 million pounds of the crystalline substance or nearly three-quarters of a billion pounds. That doesn’t include the sand that is also used through the area’s neighborhoods when temperatures get too low. Add to that the gravel that is unavoidably packed up under wheel wells that get dislodged as the snow and ice melt and you have a recipe that can lead to windshield rock chips. Every year thousands of rock chips damage area windshields. What can you do?

Can You Avoid Rock Chips in Your Windshield?

 You probably can’t totally avoid getting a rock chip in your windshield at some point, but there are steps you can take to minimize the opportunity. During the winter, you should avoid following behind salt trucks too closely. You should avoid following any construction related vehicle too closely any time of the year. Keeping a reasonable distance behind cars traveling at higher speeds is also recommended. In spite of these steps, you can still experience that loud pop followed by a rock chip in your windshield. Fortunately, a rock chip repair is a relatively inexpensive repair when done quickly.

The Importance of Getting that Rock Chip Repair Quickly

Windshields are built to be somewhat flexible to absorb bumps in the road. That is an important reason why you need to attend to small rock chips quickly. This movement, along with temperature extremes, can quickly turn a small, easily fixed problem into a much bigger problem requiring a full windshield repair. Of course there is also the issue of impaired visibility to be concerned with. If you experience a windshield chip this winter, there is one name to keep in mind in the Twin Cities area. That name is Only 1 Auto Glass.

Why Choose Only 1 Auto Glass for Your Windshield Repair?

Why should you select Only 1 Auto Glass? Customer satisfaction is our number goal. Our team has over 200 years of combined auto glass experience and includes eight Auto Glass Safety Council certified installers. We also are employee owned which makes a big difference in how you are treated here.

We have taken every step to be as convenient as possible. Along with our St. Paul location, we have 13 satellite locations around the Twin Cities area. We have mobile service that can come directly to you. We offer free estimates and you can even get an online estimate.

Only 1 Auto Glass is a Registered Company of the Auto Glass Safety Council and The National Glass Association. We are an Accredited Business of the Better Business Bureau. From auto glass replacement to a simple rock chip repair, Only 1 Auto Glass is here to serve you.