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Frost On Your Windshields Means A Crack Just Got Larger

Waking up to a windshield covered in frost is never convenient. It means getting out a scraper and working in the cold, first thing in the morning just to have enough visibility to drive. If you knew the damage that frost was doing to any flaws in your auto glass, waking up to frost on the windshield would become even more agitating.

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Winter Snow Removal Can Chip And Crack Your Windshield

Sometimes it seems that all of the elements in winter are out to ruin the appearance of your car. From salt and sand wearing down a new paint job, to hail and ice outright denting and chipping metal and glass it can be difficult to keep a new car looking nice. There are many things you can do to protect your car from required snow removal. The main thing you should do if damage does occur is get it repaired quickly so the damage does not grow into a hazard.

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