Windshield ReplacementWaking up to a windshield covered in frost is never convenient. It means getting out a scraper and working in the cold, first thing in the morning just to have enough visibility to drive. If you knew the damage that frost was doing to any flaws in your auto glass, waking up to frost on the windshield would become even more agitating.

If you have been driving around with a crack or a chip in your windshield that you have been meaning to have looked at, now is the time because extreme winter conditions can turn a little damage into a big problem. It only takes a little pressure from the inside to make a crack expand. Windshield cracks are dangerous, not only because they reduce visibility and can grow at any time, but also because they alter the structural integrity of a vehicle.

A windshield repair in the fall can save you from needing an emergency windshield replacement in the winter. A fast repair done at your location takes less than thirty minutes, and can take loads of stress off your mind because you will no longer have to stare a the damage in front of your face as you drive.

Repair or Replace?

If you have a chip then our technicians can fix it right up for you. If you have a crack, chances are your windshield can be repaired if the crack is less than six inches long. Any crack longer than that will require an auto glass replacement. If you catch a crack early you will save yourself money, it does not take long for a crack to grow longer though.

Do not worry, a full Minneapolis windshield replacement is not troublesome if you do end up needing one. We can come to your location and change your windshield in an hour, and one hour after that, when the adhesive dries, you can drive away. It may seem complex to change auto glass, but we have been doing it for a long time and will make it seem easy.

Extreme St Paul Winters Make Chips and Cracks Grow Quickly

Chips can turn into cracks, and small cracks will expand in freezing conditions. If you wake up in the morning to see a layer of frost on your windshield, then chances are that your crack as already expanded at least a little.

Everyone knows that when water turns to ice it expands. Water gets into any flaw in a surface that it can, including tiny chips and cracks. When that water freezes it causes expansion. Each time the cycle of freezing, melting, and refreezing occurs the flaw expands even more. Eventually (and often faster than you expect) you will see a noticeable difference in the flaw. Just a few inches can change a repair into a full replacement.

Even the vibrations from driving and slamming doors can cause a crack to grow larger. Putting off repairing damage will almost always mean the damage grows regardless of the weather. The conditions in winter mean it will grow a lot faster than normal. In extreme conditions, cracked windshields have expanded so quickly that the driver was left stranded or driving with a hole in freezing conditions. (Good thing we take 24/7 emergency calls.)

Contact Only 1 Auto Glass to discuss when one of our technicians can come to your location and quickly repair any flaw in your auto glass before the winter settles in. Flaws in Minneapolis auto glass cannot be ignored for as long as they could be in warmer climates because of our wet cold winter conditions. We will service your St Paul auto glass at your convenience, so call today.