Sometimes it seems that all of the elements in winter are out to ruin the appearance of your car. From salt and sand wearing down a new paint job, to hail and ice outright denting and chipping metal and glass it can be difficult to keep a new car looking nice. There are many things you can do to protect your car from required snow removal. The main thing you should do if damage does occur is get it repaired quickly so the damage does not grow into a hazard.

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Unexpected Sources of Windshield Damage in Winter

  • Snowplows are a necessary part of winter, however they can cause damage to your windows because of hidden debris and icy slush in the snow they move. Avoid this by parking farther away from the street. If your windshield is damaged it is best to get the small chips treated immediately in winter.

  • Snow blowers are a great tool that saves hours of backbreaking labor. However snow is not the only thing that is moved. Often small rocks and other yard or sidewalk debris will go flying through the air during snow blower use, causing damage to windows and paint on vehicles.

  • A pothole can seemingly show up overnight, and you might not notice a new pot hole until the car in front of you causes small debris to fly into your windshield. Or until you hit it yourself.



  • Frost itself may not damage your windshield, however if there is damage already on the glass the ice will cause the flaw to expand. The process of removing the frost can also cause damage to your windshield glass if you do not use the right equipment.

  • Sand and salt needed make the roads passable add to all the damage by wearing down paint jobs, and getting in flaws of the glass and wearing it away from the inside causing existing damage to grow.


If Damage Does Occur to Your Glass, Call in the Experts.

Damaged auto glass should be repaired quickly, so the flaw does not grow. A chip from a stray pebble or piece of road debris can be jarring and scary when it occurs but afterwards it is easy to forget. Even damage right in your line of sight is easy to over look because many people do not know where to start when it comes to getting their windshield repaired.

Start by calling Only 1 Auto Glass, because we will come to your location for a windshield repair or replacement while you work or enjoy the comfort of your home.

People in St Paul cannot procrastinate their windshield repairs because if they do their auto glass flaws will react to the extreme elements and the flaw can grow overnight. A chip can be repaired in half an hour, however a chip can grow into a crack if the right vibrations shake it while driving or if water gets in the flaw and freezes. If a chip turns into a crack, it may still be repaired if the crack is under six inches. Once the crack grows longer than six inches (and it will) the entire windshield will need to be replaced. A windshield replacement takes about 2 hours including adhesive dry time.

If you need an auto glass replacement, or St Paul auto glass repairs we will make the whole process easy for you. It comes as a surprise to may of our customers how easy and fast our technicians make the whole process seem. Do not put off getting a small chip repaired, it is easier than you think.

Contact us today to set up an appointment for our qualified technician to come to your location and repair your windshield damage. If you have an auto glass emergency we have a 24/7 number for fast windshield replacement any time of day or night.

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