When you live in the Twin Cities, driving in snow and ice is practically inevitable. And when you regularly drive when it’s frigid, icy, and wet outdoors, it’s imperative that your vehicle has solid wipers that are capable of clearing precipitation from the windshield efficiently.


If your wipers don’t work as they should, whether that’s because they’re old or aren’t designed to perform well in freezing weather, your visibility will suffer, putting your safety at risk. And that’s why winter windshield wipers exist — to help ensure drivers are able to keep their windshields clean and clear when the weather gets rough.


If you’ve never swapped out your summer wiper blades for their winter-specific counterparts, read on to learn why using winter windshield wipers is in your best interest.

What Are Winter Windshield Wipers?

Winter windshield wipers feature blades that are specifically designed to perform well and hold up in the cold.


Unlike summer wiper blades, cold-season blades have an additional layer of synthetic rubber, which allows them to remain pliable and soft even when temperatures drop super low. That increased flexibility is important because it reduces the likelihood that the blades will become stiff and brittle and tear when they’re cold or caked with ice.

Why Use Winter Windshield Wipers?

Just like winter tires, you don’t need winter wiper blades if you’re going to drive around in the snow and ice. But using them is in your best interest.


Why? Because using winter-specific windshield wipers is a good idea if you want to maintain your ability to see while driving (who doesn’t?). If you continue using summer blades throughout the snowy season, they’ll deteriorate with prolonged exposure to sub-freezing temperatures.


As the blades’ rubber becomes less and less pliable, its chance of cracking or breaking off of the wiper completely increases. And if you’re unfortunate enough to be driving around in the snow when that happens, your trip may be cut short if a snowy windshield makes it impossible to see the road in front of you.


Check out these other tips for maintaining your windshield throughout winter, too!

How to Choose Windshield Wiper Blades

As long as you select blades that are specifically designed for winter use, they should perform just fine, regardless of the product’s brand or style. If you’re unsure which type you should get, take a look at your vehicle’s owner’s manual to see if it contains any recommendations. If it doesn’t, you can search online to find out which style is optimal for your automobile.


Your local auto parts store should have a wiper blade booklet somewhere in the wiper aisle, and you can find the right style for your vehicle there, too.

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