Does your side window whine in protest each time you roll it up or down? Or maybe your finicky window doesn’t whine but instead drags itself sluggishly along its track? If you’re dealing with either of these issues, you may need an auto glass repair specialist to fix your faulty window. But before you head to your local auto glass repair shop, why not see if you can quickly fix the problem yourself?


How do you do that? Read on to find out.


DIY vs. Professional Auto Glass Repair: When to Make the Call

If your side window is noisy but appears to move along smoothly and at an appropriate speed, you can likely fix the issue yourself. If, on the other hand, the window barely moves or you can hear a grinding sort of noise when you attempt to roll it up or down, you’ll want to visit an auto glass repair shop for a professional diagnosis and repair.


The same idea applies if your window has developed what look like scratches from moving up and down within the interior of the door. Etches in your windows can compromise their strength and may also interfere with your ability to see while driving.


When this problem occurs, there’s usually something out of place inside the door, and if it’s not fixed, it’ll continue scratching the window. An auto glass repair specialist can remove the door panel, find the faulty mechanism, and remedy the issue that’s causing the problem.


Check out Can Scratches in Auto Glass Be Repaired? for more information on what you should do when your vehicle windows appear to be scratched.


The 5-Step DIY Fix for a Slow or Squeaky Side Window

To fix a noisy or sluggish side window, you’ll first need to purchase a quality silicone-based lubricant spray (dry moly lubricant is a great choice). Avoid using petroleum-based lubricants as they tend to collect dirt and grime and gum up over time, which will only cause the problem to reoccur.


Typically, side windows become squeaky and slow when their seals dry out, so re-hydrating those seals tends to fix the problem in a snap. Here’s how to use lubricant to fix your finicky side window:


1.      Open the affected window(s) fully.

2.      Starting on the top-left side of the window, spray the lubricant into the rubber window seal along the frame. Work your way down along the seal, allowing the excess to drip freely inside the seal.

3.      Repeat the process on the right side of the window, making sure the lubricant is evenly distributed along the seal.

4.      When you’re finished applying lubricant, use a rag to wipe down the outside of the seal, as well as the area around it, to catch any excess product.

5.      Wait a few minutes before attempting to roll up the window you just treated. Roll the window up and down fully at least two to three times to ensure the lube gets fully inside the track.

6.      If the squeak/sluggishness isn’t completely fixed, repeat the steps above until the issue is resolved. 


If you repeat the above steps a few times and the issue persists, it’s probably time to schedule an appointment at your local auto glass repair shop. Your window likely has another issue that requires professional attention, and it’s not exactly safe to drive with a non-functional side window


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