If your vehicle’s driver’s side window doesn’t work, the issue might seem pretty inconsequential, especially if you rarely roll your windows down. But just because driving around with a nonfunctional side window might seem relatively harmless, that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily safe.


At Only 1 Auto Glass, we know it’s easy to write off minor vehicle issues when they don’t interfere with your ability to drive. But we also know those minor issues can get you in major trouble when you least expect it. If you’re currently driving around with a driver’s side window that doesn’t work, read on to learn how you’re putting your safety at risk.


You Don’t Have An Emergency Exit

If you’re ever involved in an accident that renders your door nonfunctional, you still need to get out of the vehicle. Your driver’s side window provides an easily accessible emergency exit point, but when it won’t move, it’s pretty tough to use as an exit.


While you can certainly break the glass to get out, you could seriously injure yourself in the process. Plus, attempting to exit a vehicle through a window frame that’s loaded with shards of glass is a disaster waiting to happen.


To protect your safety, it’s in your best interest to have an auto glass repair specialist examine your nonfunctional driver’s side window to determine what’s going on. If the window is off track and the misalignment is preventing its operation, that’s a quick and easy fix. Depending on the extent of the problem, though, you may need a complete side window replacement.


You Can’t Communicate With Law Enforcement During a Routine Traffic Stop

What happens if you get pulled over for speeding and you can’t roll your window down? You can’t just swing your door open and speak with the officer, especially if you’re on a busy roadway. Sure, the officer might be able to circle around to the passenger side, but again, that depends on where you are on the road.


No, this situation doesn’t put your safety at risk, but in the event of a traffic stop, your inability to roll down your window may put the officer’s safety on the line. Like any damaged or nonfunctional vehicle component, it’s always best to have a nonfunctional driver’s side window examined by a pro.


You can take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop or you can even schedule a home visit from a mobile repair team. Either way, a side glass repair expert can perform a quick inspection to ascertain the cause behind the issue and recommend the appropriate repairs to restore functionality.


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