Apprehensive about getting a windshield repair or replacement during winter? Perhaps you’re worried the resin or adhesive won’t set properly when it’s cold outdoors? You’re not alone. Plenty of people assume windshield repairs and/or replacements are better left until spring since winter weather can affect the auto glass repair and replacement process.


But waiting until spring rolls around to have damaged auto glass repaired isn’t necessary nor is it a great idea. Rather than waiting, make yourself aware of the potential issues that may occur with winter auto glass service, so you know how to avoid them.


Cold Temperatures Can Lengthen Mobile Auto Glass Repair Timeframes

It’s possible to get mobile auto glass repairs during winter, but be aware that those repairs will likely require more time than they do when outdoor temperatures are warmer.




Because windshield repairs require a special resin that must be kept warm so it can migrate into the damaged area and fill the microcracks completely. The glass itself must also be kept warm so the resin doesn’t immediately begin to solidify when it makes contact with the windshield. 


Heating up the resin and glass and keeping them at a consistent temperature can be challenging when outdoor temperatures are low. Winter winds only compound the challenge. So if you’re planning to schedule mobile auto glass repairs, be prepared for the service to take longer than you might initially anticipate. It’s always smart to arrange alternate transportation for yourself just in case.


Moisture Can Cause Major Problems

If you’re scheduling in-shop windshield repairs, you won’t need to worry about moisture-related problems since the shop environment can be tightly controlled. But if you’re getting mobile auto glass repairs, you need to know that moisture inside the damaged area can cause serious issues with the quality of the chip or crack repair you need.


The same idea applies to windshield replacements. Moisture can interfere with the adhesive’s ability to cure and secure the glass to the frame of your vehicle. While it’s possible to get a mobile windshield replacement, it may be in your best interest to schedule this service in the shop to minimize the risk of moisture interference and adhesion issues.


Weather Conditions May Necessitate Rescheduling Your Auto Glass Repair

If the forecast calls for snow or rain during the time of your scheduled mobile repair, be prepared for a call requesting that you reschedule your service. The resin used to repair windshield chips and cracks cannot cure properly when it mixes with moisture. When a repair is performed in wet outdoor conditions, it may compromise the integrity of the windshield, which can put your safety at risk.


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