So your windshield suffered a rock chip or a crack and you can’t get to the auto glass repair shop right away? While prompt windshield repair is the best way to prevent that damage from spreading, at Only 1 Auto Glass, we understand handling repairs immediately isn’t always possible.


Fortunately, there a few things you can do to prevent further windshield damage while you wait for your schedule to open up. Read on to learn our top tips for protecting a damaged windshield until you can make it to the auto glass repair shop.


Park in Covered Areas

When you park outdoors, you leave your windshield vulnerable to a number of stressors that can potentially cause a chip or crack to spread. One serious stressor is direct sunlight, which can heat a windshield very quickly. As the glass warms up, it will expand slightly, which can easily cause a minor windshield crack or chip to grow larger.


Falling objects can also be a hazard depending on where you park and what the weather looks like. A hail storm or a falling tree branch can easily spell disaster for an already damaged windshield, as can a single errant baseball or kickball from the kids down the street.


All it takes is one unexpected occurrence to turn what should be a minor windshield repair into a full-blown windshield replacement. If you’re not keen on getting your windshield completely replaced, park in covered areas whenever possible.


Keep a Safe Distance From Other Drivers

If you already practice the three-second rule on the road, keep it up. If you don’t practice keeping a safe distance behind other drivers, now is the time to start. When your windshield has existing damage, its strength is compromised. So even the tiniest pebble kicked up by another driver’s tires can cause a small chip or crack to quickly spread.


You never know how severe the damage might be the second time around, which is why maintaining a safe following distance is absolutely crucial. Until you can make it to the windshield repair shop, leave at least three seconds between the front of your vehicle and the rear of the vehicle in front of you. To be extra cautious, make it five. 


Avoid Dramatic Temperature Changes

Remember how the sun’s heat can cause existing windshield damage to spread? The same idea applies to the warm and cool air that comes out of your vehicle’s vents. When you crank up the air conditioner or heater suddenly, you cause a dramatic temperature shift against the windshield, especially when you use the vents on your dash. That temperature shift can seriously stress the glass since it’s already compromised. If the stress is too much, an existing chip or crack can easily grow larger.


Limit Your Trips, If Possible

Limiting your driving time is the best way to protect your damaged windshield while you wait for an auto glass repair appointment. While you may need your vehicle to get to work and perform other essential tasks, try to limit your trips to only the things you absolutely have to do. The less time you spend on the road, the lower your risk of further auto glass damage that may necessitate a complete windshield replacement.


Take the Smoothest Route 

Last but not least, when drive, try to take the route with the fewest bumps, potholes, and gravelly spots possible. Vibrations can seriously stress an already damaged windshield, so the smoother the route you choose, the less likely an existing chip or crack will spread.


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