You are driving down the road when a large rock comes flying at your windshield. This leaves you with a crack in the driver's side of your windshield. Unfortunately, it impedes your line of vision and therefore your windshield must be replaced. But, if it is the dead of winter and freezing outside, can or should your windshield be replaced? Here is some information you should know about winter and windshield replacement.

Can Windshields Be Replaced in Winter?

Windshields can be replaced when it is winter time. However, the products used to adhere the glass in place may be different. This is because you need a product that will cure faster in the winter months. You may also be forced to have the glass replaced at a windshield replacement shop versus using an auto glass mobile installer who comes to you. If you were to replace the glass outdoors when it is cold, the windshield may be a tiny bit smaller because glass contacts when it is cold out. When it heats up, the glass could expand in the heat, and if there wasn't enough room, your windshield can crack. As such, glass needs to be installed in a warm place to prevent this issue.

What is Considered Cold for Glass?

Unfortunately there is no baseline for what is considered cold when it comes to glass and auto installation. It really depends on the type of glass that is being installed and the curing products that are used. As a general rule of thumb, if the temperatures are around freezing, the products used to cure your glass windshield will be different than if it was above freezing. And ideally, you want to install glass that is at or about room temperature. If a mobile company can't keep the glass warm enough in their truck, that is when they may advise you to have it installed in a garage or glass repair shop.

Should I Hold Off Until Spring to Replace My Windshield?

No. Cold temperatures can cause a crack to grow in your windshield or can make it shatter. If your windshield needs to be replaced, cold temperatures shouldn't prevent you from having it done. There may be special challenges that go along with replacing a windshield when it is cold, but these challenges should not prevent you from having it done.

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