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Should You Ever Use a Replacement Windshield From a Salvage Yard?

Ever thought about finding a replacement windshield on the cheap from a salvage yard? Click to learn whether getting used auto glass is ever a good idea. 

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How to Handle Auto Glass Repair & Replacement the Right Way

Got a damaged windshield? Be very cautious about who you trust with your auto glass repair or replacement. Click to learn how to protect your safety when choosing a windshield replacement service. 

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How Long Can You Safely Drive With Damaged Auto Glass?

Can you still drive your vehicle safely if you can’t make it to an auto glass repair shop after one of your vehicle windows suffers a crack or chip? Click to find out. 

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3 Tips for Making Your Windshield Replacement Last as Long as Possible

Getting a windshield replacement can be a (pricey) hassle, especially if you’re strapped for time or don’t have insurance coverage for your auto glass. So now that you’ve got a fresh, unblemished piece of glass on your ride, it’s in your best interest to do everything in your power to prevent yourself from needing another new windshield. How do you do that?

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